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Southlake Style

A Lot More To Love

Nov 07, 2011 02:47PM ● By Mike

“There is a lot more to love,” - as we guys get older, this is what we tell ourselves in the mirror. It is also how physiques are explained to our children and any friends within earshot of the pool. In America, having a lot more of anything is generally considered a good thing. Who doesn’t want more miles per gallon, more vacation time, or more televisions? Seriously, is there anywhere we won’t put them? Whoever coined the phrase, “less is more,” must not have been an American and obviously didn’t have the Internet at their disposal. Southlake Style continues to provide more of what you love in print and online.

We just completed the third generation of, which we originally launched in 2007. Complete with a new design, increased functionality, and community based resources 3.0 proves there is a lot more to love about the city we call home. In addition to our beloved print features, visitors to our newly renovated site will find web specific content, a complete business directory keeping you in touch with local businesses, and a community calendar with the best events around.

We’ve already been notified of several community advocates that will be penning special web only content for our site. Without the restrictions of a page count, we will be able to provide even more fun features, advice columns, and news that you’ve come to enjoy from our print publication.

There is much to love but what excites me the most about our new site is that it allows you the ability to build conversations and interaction throughout the community. With a specific Southlake Style login or through your favorite social media account you can engage and interact directly with residents and readers alike.

Have an event you want the city to know about? You can post it to our calendar along with the address and contact information and let the whole city know. Our site will not only post the important items, it will self populate with a Google map to get your guests there with less confusion. Want to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, or a pizza delivery order? Our new business directory is categorized for your reference. Better still, you can rate your favorites and help friends and neighbors make the right choices from amongst over 1,600 local listings.

Building community through conversation is our online motto. We’ve broken the ice, now it is up to you to join the conversation and give us all a lot more to love.

Yours in Southlake Style,