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Southlake Style

Tis the Season to Party!

Nov 11, 2011 12:33PM ● By Mike

by Jami & Bob Zimmerman of Cheap Thrills Decor

PARTY! For some, holiday shindigs ignite excitement and others anxiety. I get all warm and fuzzy soothing the “Calgon-take-me-away, how could my hubby volunteer me” freak-outs that arise when holiday season is on the horizon. Deep breathes everyone because this year I’m ready to PAR-TAY (that’s the good kind).

We just came off of a dry, HOT Summer and now we’re expected to dive in to holiday mixer mode? Yup. All it takes is a fairy godmother and a magic wand. If you don’t have one, I’ve got your back girlfriend and some ideas for a spruce up that includes bite-size decor projects that will give your home a turbo charge of style in a hurry.

Here are 10 mini makeovers that will have your guests oooh-ing and aaah-ing.

1. Greet them at the door. While rushing around to make the house look perfecto many of us forget the door. HELLO. Your front door is your first impression. And, like my Southern mama told me, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!” A clean, hip entrance will make instant impact.

2. Duh, Paint. Just because your kitchen has always been beige doesn’t mean it can’t be blue by later this afternoon. Paint is a game-changer -- it can jolt a boring interior back to life. Paint a room or just paint a wall. Jazz things up with a pattern over your existing paint for a tonal wallpaper effect. Paint the backs of your bookcase and add a metallic stencil effect. Paint your dining room chairs or an antique chest. It’s true that design is in the details -- add some that make a dramatic difference.

3. Window Bling. Now is the perfect time to finish up a room with window treatments. You wouldn’t go to a fancy party with a fabulous black dress and no jewelry. Window treatments are the final detail that gives a room that signature Va Va Voom! They add shimmer, color and, as a bonus, light control. They can be beaded, fringed and most of all, custom window treatments can completely change the feel of a space – FAST. They’re like a party dress on your windows.

4. Dress up your dining room. Create an atmosphere that will have your guests lingering in this formal space that rarely feels the love. Fabrics are the starting point for a fast upgrade. Recover the existing seat cushions with a lux jewel tone chenille or add new end chairs. Change the vibe of the room with new lighting and art. Introduce a new feathered or jeweled centerpiece or add color with a rug.

5. Go Fancy Nancy. You may not have time for a major bathroom renovation before the holidays, but the powder room can get an entirely new look in just a few days. Make it your little jewel-box where all your guests powder their noses and sample your yummy scented soap collection. There are so many fabulous off-the-shelf options for new vanities, sinks, mirrors and lighting. Add new hand towels, a rug and candles and VIOLA -- Grandma got run over by a hip happening reindeer!

6. Trick out your tile. Still rocking the dated kitchen backsplash with the embossed grapes? You know everyone huddles in the grazing areas, so kick it up a notch with new tile. You’ve been thinking it all year and now’s the time. A backsplash is an awesome spot to add shimmer with a glass or metallic tile. Go with a unique shape such as a linear, octagonal or round tile - add a splash of color or a unique design.

7. Sparkle is my middle name. When I think of the holidays, I think glitz and shine! Sprinkle your holiday pixie dust throughout your home with mirrors, ambient lighting, candles and reflective colors such as silver, gold and bronze to enhance the festive mood.

8. Baby, you can light my fire. Mantles are a focal point for holiday decorating, but there’s nothing those stockings can do to cover up an ugly one. Paint the dated brick or tear out a been-there-done-that tile. Replace the lame shelf-style mantle with a rustic beam or vintage mantle for something with a little more personality.

9. You can handle it. Knobs!! There are so many better choices than the brass knobs that scream “old”. I have to warn you, this update is addictive and tends to spread. Kitchen knobs, doorknobs, hinges, oh my!

10. Mix it up. You could also give your love shack a fresh look for absolutely nada by re-styling your existing furnishings. Re-position a sofa and chair or re-arrange your existing art and decor. Shop your own stuff for sweet finds.

Plan your annual holiday smack down with confidence. Pull it together and pull out all the stops (or at least make it seem that way). There will be time for Calgon later....