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Nov 11, 2011 11:43AM ● By Mike

Packaging Accessories“Nobody can pack like I do,” says Gary Miron, owner of Packaging Accessories a family owned and operated packaging and shipping company in Southlake. With over 35 years of experience in packaging, moving, and shipping products to families and businesses all over the world, you can take Gary’s word for it. In fact, when it comes to handling items with care and efficiency many locals and even area mail centers call on Gary's expertise. Since 1980 Gary, his wife Jan, and the staff at Packaging Accessories have been the experts that business owners, and do-it-yourselfers go to when they need advice. 

While in high school, Gary learned the trade from his father, Bob, who spent the majority of his own career in the packaging industry. Alongside his father, Gary learned the ins and outs of custom package design, supplies, materials, and shipping cost structures. More importantly, Gary also learned how to treat customers like family saying, “if you show customers you care, and save them money, they will reward you with their loyalty for years to come.”

With the knack to pack, and a love for customer service Packaging Accessories and Miron got their respective start in 1980. Built on family property in Southlake that was once a gravel road portioned off by barbed wire fences, Miron Drive soon became a hub for local logistics. From his namesake street, Gary began designing wholesale packaging equipment and packaging products for Frito Lay. He and his small company built a reputation for successfully handling custom packaging needs and began to service other businesses as well. Over the years Packaging Accessories’ business customers began shipping their personal items too and as he says, “the business snowballed from there.”

The best packaging solutions start with customer service and because of their attention to detail and positive word of mouth Packaging Accessories has steadily expanded its customer base year over year. In 2005, to better suit the needs of their customers, they moved to a 5,000 plus square foot location at 1695 East Southlake Boulevard, right next door to the store that started it all. After over three decades and thousands of customers in the shipping industry they have practically seen it all. However, to this day, be it logistics or cost efficiency, they still look forward to mastering the individual packaging and shipping challenges for both business and individual customers.

“We service all types of customers large and small, and we do it all,” says Gary, “from finding the lowest price on supplies and shipping to providing monthly billing for our frequent customers.”

Over the years Packaging Accessories has grown to a level that allows them to pass volume pricing on to any size business. Gary Miron says, "We pack and price to what it costs us, not to the going market value. Our niche is the ability to serve which also includes passing savings on to our customers.” For years Southlake neighbors and businesses have relied on us to ship their precious cargo and I’m glad to say we can do so much more.”

Packaging, Shipping and Moving
As an authorized FedEx and UPS shipping center many in and around Southlake have come to rely on Packaging Accessories to safely deliver their packages. A full service center Packaging Accessories can handle everything; no package is too large or too fragile. According to Gary, the best way to meet the needs of their varying clientele is to be versatile. That is why he stocks over one hundred sizes of single and double walled boxes, more than five times the available options of the average shipping center. Customers with specific needs not met by the current inventory can make use of Gary’s expertise in custom packaging.

“We can make custom boxes or crates to fit your needs," says Miron, "and we offer our supplies by the individual piece or by the bundle, case, or roll." Quite often Miron's expert packaging options not only get packages delivered safely, but reduce shipping charges regularly wasted on packaging that is too large. And by honoring any local mail center’s coupons, Packaging Accessories strives for the lowest prices.

When it comes to moving day, let Packaging Accessories help you manage all the details. "When you are moving, there is already too much to worry about," says Miron, "boxes and supplies should not be part of your frustration." Packaging Accessories carries all standard sized moving boxes and supplies from bubble wrap to furniture pads and beyond. And with their flexible return policy, all unused materials can be returned for a full credit. This way you need not worry about running short of materials the night before. Better still, they will match any local bids from other companies and they offer delivery and pick up services that will make moving simple.

All Clients Large or Small
Businesses of all sizes enjoy utilizing Packaging Accessories as their personal mail center. Leaving the logistics up to the professionals allows smaller businesses time to focus on what they do best."

“We’ve shipped our ribs & products to customers all around the world thanks to Gary!” Never once have we had a problem as they always go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive their products safe and sound.
- 10 year customer, Mike LaFavers- Feedstore BBQ

"I have been a very happy customer of Packaging Accessories for many years. Convenience and wonderful customer service is what sets them apart from the others. Gary and his team are extremely nice and very helpful. Not only is doing business with them always fast and hassle free but their pricing is very competitive. They are excellent and I highly recommend them."
- 5 year customer, Mark Guilbert – Owner/Operator Chik-fil-a Southlake.

“My company has been shipping modern furniture throughout the country for years. As a top rated seller on both EBay and Google I have relied on Packaging Accessories as my primary shipper. Frankly, I could not be successful without Gary’s outstanding work.”
- 8 year customer, Kevin Scheider – Mid-Century Retro Furniture in Grapevine

From area businesses that need help with logistics to home based businesses and even families sending holiday gifts Packaging Accessories provides the best service and custom solutions around. No customer or package is too large or too small. Packaging Accessories offers both retail and wholesale pricing for packaging, moving, and shipping supplies and services.

In addition to cost savings and premier service, all Packaging Accessories customers appreciate the extras Gary and his staff provide at their Southlake location. Many come to ship packages and also enjoy browsing the retail gift shop that includes Murano Art Glass, Christopher Radko, RAZ collectables, and a variety of products adorned with the hometown Carroll Dragons and local collegiate teams. From custom packaging and shipping to notary services and even gift wrapping of that special present Packaging Accessories makes sure each of their customer’s needs are handled with care.