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Southlake Style

Anything A Woman Can Do

Dec 13, 2011 09:59PM ● By Mike

December's Letter From the Editor-

As many will attest, when it comes down to it the value of a woman’s touch is priceless. Leave it to a woman to, make a house a home, forge strong relationships, and add a touch of class in the process. In the larger case of our city that home is our town center, those relationships are amongst our community and the touch of class comes each April in a flurry of white tents known affectionately as Art in the Square.

Leave it to a group of women to help transform a former plot of farmland into a well-decorated destination where family and friends congregate to engage and support one another (and do a little shopping). More importantly, leave it to their combined passion to nurture an event from humble “pasta dinner” beginnings into a fun-filled and nationally renowned festival of the arts. In the process the group’s compassion has become responsible for helping to fund a wide variety of local charities.

Such feats are routinely accomplished by women across the country, but I am specifically referring to what is done right here by the Southlake Women’s Club. Started by six Southlake women looking to meet friends in 1985 the club has blossomed into a highly respected organization of over 100 members. Through an annual school supply sale and their highly anticipated three-day juried art festival the Southlake Women’s Club has successfully raised more than $1.7 million for area charities.

Each December through our annual Best Of issue we at Southlake Style have made a tradition of honoring individuals for their consistent and positive impact on the community. In years past we acknowledged the efforts of Southlake Town Square developer Brian Stebbins and charitable organizer extraordinaire Judge Brad Bradley, but for the first time this year we are bestowing the honor to a group who has banded together to not only raise funds for worthy causes but to collectively raise the culture of our city. By giving us all a reason to celebrate the arts, the Southlake Women’s Club has made Southlake a better place to live.

A shining example that anything a woman can do, one hundred women can do better, it is our honor to acknowledge all members of the Southlake Women’s Club, past and present, as the Southlake Style Community Impact Award Winners for 2011.

Yours in Southlake Style, 

Mike Tesoriero...