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180 Wellness: Living a Healthy Life

Jan 10, 2012 10:22AM ● By Mike

L-R Dr. Ryan Burns, Dr. Wade Parkhill, Dr. Jerrod Wright and Dr. Kelly Martin

Relieving pain, restoring health and empowering people to reach their full potential is at the heart of 180 Wellness. The doctors at 180 Wellness have over 45 years of combined experience helping people of all ages from newborn to elderly as well as professional athletes including Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers. All of these individuals and teams find the difference at 180 Wellness is the doctors who offer so much more than chiropractic with the leading technologies and treatments in wellness. They get to the root cause of your ailment and start you on the path to a healthier life. The 180 Wellness system is a complete health turnaround (180 degrees).

Dr. Jerrod Wright and Dr. Wade Parkhill took similar paths to achieve the success they have to date. After graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1995, both soon realized that the key to growing a respected practice was to actually listen to the patient, meet their needs, and, of course, get results. For over 15 years their individual practices have thrived, but both saw the need to do more. Drs. Wright and Parkhill began envisioning this new concept in healthcare a couple of years ago and 180 Wellness was born. The doctor’s local practices (Wright Chiropractic and Parkhill Chiropractic) merged in October 2011 and 180 Wellness Southlake opened its doors. With the additions of Dr. Kelly Martin and Dr. Ryan Burns, the 180 Wellness team offers a complete approach to achieving and maintaining adult health, pediatric development, and athletic performance.
Adult Health

At 180 Wellness prevention is the best key to enjoying great health, yet most people wait until their bodies are in crisis to seek help. “There is no healthcare system in the world today that will succeed if the people are not willing to take care of themselves,” says Dr. Parkhill. Chiropractic is often misunderstood yet is vital for experiencing great health. A body needs air, water, food and proper nerve supply just to survive. Chiropractic makes sure every muscle, organ and tissue of the body is receiving the signals from the brain unhindered. Changing the way you think is the next step to beginning better health. “To be different, you must think different,” asserts Dr. Wright. The doctors at 180 Wellness teach people how to think differently, because the way people think determines what they eat, how and if they exercise, their lifestyle habits. Once a person makes up their mind to get healthy, 180 Wellness has all the tools to get them there:
Chiropractic- experience and results speak for themselves.

Nano Stress Reduction Therapy Laser- drawn from the concepts of N.A.E.T. and acupuncture, this device identifies and rids the body of over 160,000 stressors and allergens, all without needles or drugs.
Zyto System- energetically interacts with your body (hand) to ask your body questions and record your body’s responses, and then gives recommended nutrition to correct the deficiencies.
Nuero Cranial Integration (NCI) - Formerly Bio Cranial therapy this technique releases cranial, fascial, and muscle tissue fixations in the skull and around the brain.

Detox/Weight loss/ hormone balance and anti-aging- Dr. Kelly Martin specializes in the internal chemistry of the body using blood work, including micronutrient testing, and saliva testing. She finds the best approach to reestablish metabolism, increase energy, balance hormones and emotions, and encourage weight loss. As Co-author of the book “Address the Stress” Dr. Martin has had over 10 years bettering the lives of both men and women.
Pediatric Development

Pediatric development is a rapidly growing area of chiropractic and as a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association; Dr. Ryan Burns is at the forefront of an emerging field. Checking your child’s spine on a regular basis can assure their bodies are developing correctly preventing such things as scoliosis. Studies have shown that children under chiropractic care develop better, are sick less often, and function better. Speaking as a specialist in Pediatric Chiropractic Dr. Burns said “Chiropractic is the absolute best thing to assure proper neurological development and boost the immune system of children. Chiropractic kids outperform the rest.” The team at 180 Wellness employs only the safest, most gentle, yet effective treatments to children of all ages.
Athletic Performance

As the official chiropractor of the back-to-back American League Champion Texas Rangers, Dr. Jerrod Wright is well schooled in helping athletes perform at their greatest potential. “Any athlete, regardless of age, is sacrificing performance by not receiving regular chiropractic care,” states Dr. Wright. Speeding recovery, increasing speed and endurance, and preventing injury are just some aspects that chiropractic care is essential for.

According to an article in The Journal of Chiropractic Research, it is the opinion of many exercise physiologists and top medical researchers, as well as some of the world’s top professional athletes, that the competitor under regular chiropractic care would have the athletic edge every time. The Texas Rangers know this to be true. According to Jamie Reed, the Ranger’s head athletic trainer, “Chiropractic is an integral part of our sports medicine team. Dr. Jerrod Wright is a difference maker for our players.”
Dedication to the Community

In addition to their dedication to the patients at the practice, all the doctors are committed to spreading the word about the benefits of chiropractic and wellness. Using his motto, “Procrastination is the thief of health,” as his platform, Dr. Parkhill often does speaking engagements and lectures around the metroplex as part of his passion to see people healed. Dr. Martin uses her extensive knowledge of hormone balance and anti-aging to speak to groups of all kinds about hormones and their role in health and wellness.
Foundation workshops (0-180 classes) are held weekly at their office to educate people on how to live a life on purpose. These workshops are offered to anyone: patients, guests, and community. Corporations are finding that holding regular wellness classes by 180 Wellness decrease their loss time dollars and employee health benefit claims. Their workers are healthier and happier.

The purpose of 180 Wellness goes a bit deeper than their mission. Their purpose is to bring hope to the hopeless, provide healing to the physically wounded, emotionally scarred and spiritually dead. In fulfilling that purpose outside their doors; Drs Wright and Parkhill have formed an alliance with Sower of Seeds Red Light Rescue- a local organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring women and children trafficked into slavery in the largest Red Light district in Asia. Every new patient exam and x-ray (if needed) costs only $64 (a $280 value) and is donated completely to Sower of Seeds. Not only can you help yourself become healthy, you can help save the life of another person.

Whether you are an employer seeking to improve the health of your employees, a finely tuned professional athlete, or just an individual in search of a healthier life, the doctors and staff at 180 Wellness stand ready to help you achieve your goals. 180 Wellness patients don’t just feel better, they are better!