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Southlake Style


Mar 09, 2012 04:35PM ● By Mike

nounbustling excitement or activity; excited talk.

nounSouthlake’s own NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge presented by Southlake Style

From the water cooler to the living room, the country tunes into the biggest sports event of the spring season, NCAA Basketball’s March Championship Tournament. This year the residents of Southlake have “Hoop-La”, a free bracket challenge exclusively for Facebook fans of Southlake Style Magazine.

Do you have what it takes to be Hoop-La Champion? If you think so, then fill out a bracket – it’s fun and it’s free. The challenger with the most points will not only be crowned Southlake’s Hoop-La Champion, they will be announced as such in the pages of Southlake Style and

If bragging rights aren’t enough, the winner will receive a Southlake Style Prize Pack including a gift card to Copeland’s of New Orleans at the Southlake Hilton.

1. “Like” Southlake Style on Facebook.
2. Fill out your bracket at before the first game on 3/13. (you must set up a CBSSports login)
3. The Southlake Style Facebook fan with the highest score will be crowned “Hoop-La” Champion.