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Southlake Style

The Art of being

Mar 15, 2012 11:44AM ● By tina

Cynthia MedanichLocal visual artist Cynthia Medanich celebrates this Spring season with the announcement of a second solo show. This year she will have over 30 original oil paintings on display to depict the story of transformation; a transformation that takes the human spirit from a dark place and leads into a happier life. Medanich renders the butterfly realistically. The diverse verity of shapes, patterns and colors displayed in the wings of these fragile creatures is contrasted against the abstractly painted flower color backdrop. A butterfly appears to have light atop the surface of a painted canvas, poised and ready to flutter away.

Medanich’s first solo show was successfully held in her hometown of Southlake with over half of her paintings selling in one night. As with her first show, this years Spring show promises to showcase her love of color and positive force that brings feelings of hope and pleasure to all who see her work.

The exciting and innovative new idea about her work this year is that each painting can stand alone or build one upon another as a collection that work together as a whole display. If you have a large wall for displaying art, Medanich’s small 8x10’s can be collected and grouped together in any pattern to reflect the personality of the individual who owns them. Like a puzzle when all the pieces are hanging together they create an entirely unique image.

You are invited to attend a special reception for the artist at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center where Ms. Medanich will welcome questions from the public.  Visit Cynthia Medanich to see her entire collection.