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Spinal Hygiene - Health Trend of the Future

Mar 19, 2012 11:22AM ● By tina

SpineScientific research plays a huge role in providing change that ultimately advances our quality of life. For example, decades ago, infection was by far the leading cause of death. Yet, the general public did not grasp the concept of germs. They didn’t understand why it was so important for doctors to wash and disinfect their hands before performing surgery or delivering a baby. At that same time, people did not realize that poor hygiene made them more susceptible to dangerous diseases. Another example is dental hygiene. Before the 1900’s, we did not comprehend the importance of regularly brushing and flossing our teeth. But with the help of science, we have come to understand what a vital role dental hygiene plays in the health of our bodies.

A similar awakening is currently spreading through our society. While the importance of eliminating germs and infection is now widespread knowledge, a new health topic is slowly showing up on the radar: Spinal Hygiene.

Ponder this: your spine is the protective ‘housing’ for your nervous system, a system so powerful it controls every function of your body. From breathing to your heart beating to moving your arms and legs, to producing new cells, even the ability to heal--your nervous system controls it all. But today, 89% of the population does not realize the importance of protecting and improving the function of the body through keeping the spine strong, healthy and in proper alignment.

Instead, people treat their spines with neglect. We sit and stand with poor posture, we strain our spine by picking up and carrying heavy loads improperly, we twist and jar our spine in accidents and athletics, and don’t forget all the tumbles, trips and bangs we inflicted upon our spine when we were children.

As research continues to undoubtedly prove the restorative power of spinal hygiene through regular chiropractic care, we’re going to see more and more people taking time to care for their spine. Just as history repeats itself, in a few decades from now, society will look back and be amazed that we lived our lives without practicing regular spinal hygiene.

What can you do? You can get in on the health trend of the future today--join the 11 percent of society who is already enjoying greater health and wellness through regular care of their spine and nervous system. Talk to your chiropractor about what you can do to improve the health of your spine.

by Jerrod Wright, DC
180 Wellness, LLP