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Marvelous Magical Mom

Mar 20, 2012 04:02PM ● By Mike

Southlake Style Best Mom Essay Contest Winner 2011

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”- Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words formed the perfect quote to sum up what moms mean to us all. For the sixth straight year Southlake Style has put mothers’ front and center with our Best Mom Essay Contest. With the help of our generous sponsors we were able to award a prize package for this year’s winning essay that was fit for a queen (and worth $2,500!). The assignment was simple; in 500 words or less tell us why the mom in your life is the best in the city. Accepted by close to two hundred applicants of varying ages, choosing this year’s winner was not as simple. After hours of reading, laughing, and a few tears, Old Union 4th grader Eric Houtman touched our hearts like no other with his entry. Let us be the first to quote this young man as he extols, “Hey, my mom is the best.” Read on and enjoy.

Marvelous Magical Mom By Eric Houtman, 4th Grade, Old Union Elementary School (as submitted April 2011)

Everyone has their reasons for saying, “Hey, my mom is the best,” but I’ve got the best reasons. A mom isn’t just someone who raises you, they help you in school, go to all your sports games, and don’t get mad when you’re having fun and you beat her in checkers.

School is always tough. Piles of evil homework are sent out to confuse us, but Super Mom works out the problems and saves the day. It’s hard to find new friends at a new school, but when I listen to my mom’s advice, I end up with the greatest buddies. Sometimes I feel sad and forlorn, but when she hugs me and encourages me to be happy, I see everything in a better way.

My mom fits all the definitions for motivation and support when it comes to sports. Before every game she gives me a pep talk and motivates me to give it my all. She always comes to all of my games and cheers me on. I can always count on her to give me the strength to win the game.

My mom is all for fun and fun for all! We always play together and spend time with each other. When we get a new game of some sort she plays it with me and I can’t think of anything better to do. She ends up playing several times because it is so fun. Whenever she can’t play she encourages me to make new friends and play with them. When we go on trips she doesn’t leave my side and is willing to do anything with me except ride Space Mountain in Disney World.

After you look at the things that make your mom special you start to feel like, “My mom really is the best!” from then on out, your mom is the best. I’ve felt like that since the day I was born, and I’ve been alive for ten years. So theses reasons make my mom special and like I said before, my reasons are the best.


Pictured:  Eric Houtman with Mom Cristi and all of her Best Mom 2011 Prizes!

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