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Revolution in Sunless Tanning

Mar 26, 2012 10:01AM ● By Mike

“I love to make my customers look and feel their best,” says Stacie, owner of Smart Bronze, “and give them that just off the beach color every time.” Stacie, a local resident, Southlake Chamber member, and mother is actively involved in the sunless tanning industry and opened her own sunless tanning studio right in Southlake. “I really enjoy bringing a natural looking alternative to traditional UV tanning to my clients,” she ads. By delivering precise, consistent sunless sprays using the best products on the market Stacie and Smart Bronze have been doing just that since 2008.

Along with Stacie, studio manager Liana, and lead sunless tech Erin lead the most experienced airbrush tanning staff in the Metroplex. The all-female staff are experts when it comes to airbrush tanning and pride themselves in providing great-looking skin color that lasts. Now, after more than three years working side-by-side, the trio is excited to add industry first technology to Smart Bronze’s already successful line of offerings.

Over the years she has tried many tanning solutions with varying degrees of success, but through her professional experiences Stacie has confirmed; a long-lasting, good-looking tan can only be achieved through the use of quality products. It is for this reason that the experts at Smart Bronze exclusively utilize products from Norvell Skin Solutions. “Norvell has the products and equipment of choice in UV free tanning,” says Liana, “we rely on their 30 years of industry experience to provide us with the absolute best and our customers appreciate it.”

A fair-skinned person in her own right, Stacie never had much luck tanning in the sun so years ago she tried a hand-sprayed sunless tan and was literally blown away with the results. “I couldn’t believe how quick, easy and natural looking it was,” says Stacie, “I was so excited I decided to bring the concept to everyone I could.” She was convinced if people would just give it a try, they would be hooked. Through the successful operations at Smart Bronze she has been overcoming what she calls the “Oompa Loompa Orange myth,” one satisfied client at a time.

Smart Bronze utilizes a science-based knowledge and quality products to provide personalized sunless color for each individual client. There has been a lot of hype in the industry regarding what many call “Custom Color Matching”. According to Stacie there are distinct differences between true sunless tans and the use of wash-away skin coloring agents also known as bronzers.

All sunless tans start with the widely used and FDA approved sunless tanning agent DHA (dihydroxyacetone). For decades the tanning and beauty industries have utilized DHA, which is processed from sugar beets and sugar cane plants to provide a safe alternative to UV tanning.

Many sunless applications also incorporate wash-away bronzers, which are seen on the body as the instant color reminiscent of a cosmetic application. Though this instant color can be customized and look great immediately after application, the actual sunless tan revealed after the bronzers are washed off in the shower can be quite a different story. Without varying the degree of DHA in the application of each spray, you cannot control the color of your actual final sunless tanning result that you will be wearing on your skin for the next week.

The experts at Smart Bronze vary both ingredients so their customers walk away with a great temporary color, as well as a natural DHA tan that compliments your skin tone for as long as 7 days.

An expert among experts in the field of sunless tanning, Stacie also accompanies Norvell across the globe consulting with other salon owners as far away as Europe and Australia on setting up their own businesses. While on location, she also trains their staffs on the intricacies of Norvell equipment, solutions, and her own flawless spraying technique that has been perfected right here in Southlake.

Hand-Held Sunless Tanning will always be the staple of Stacie’s Salon, and now Smart Bronze is excited to be expanding their sunless offering to include the newest groundbreaking technology in automated sunless tanning- The Norvell Auto Revolution. The new state-of-the-art spray booth utilizes Norvell’s patented Intellispray Technology and Smart Booth design to simulate the personalized touch of a handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth. By taking into consideration some of the drawbacks of automated sunless tanning booths currently available to consumers, the Norvell Auto Revolution addresses each one of these concerns and greatly improves the outcome and experience of each sunless tan.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Heated, comfortable, no overspray/fog environment
• Uses the same high quality Norvell sunless solution as hand-held sprays
• Norvell Intellispray solution is formulated to work across a wide spectrum of skin tones, creating a customized shade for each client
• No orange and virtually no unpleasant odor
• Robotic, hand-held simulated spray with body size sensors.
• Automated voice commands guide clients through two easy positions. Simply face front, then face back. No elaborate movements or complicated positions needed.
• Virtually no dry time and no stickiness.

Smart Bronze has been in business locally for years because they provide personalized sunless solutions, convenient appointments, and a wide variety of pre and post care treatment options including in-salon exfoliation for optimum results.

Whether you take advantage of Smart Bronze’s technically advanced handheld spraying or their brand new automated spray tanning booth, customers will be able to enjoy both a perfectly applied tan and the privacy they need to make their regular appointments as comfortable as possible.

“At Smart Bronze, we know that healthy skin tans the best,” says Stacie, “and it shows not only in our studio but more importantly on our many happy customers.”

Here’s what customers are saying about their experiences at Smart Bronze:

Wonderful Product and People!
“I've been going to Smart Bronze for about seven months and I absolutely love it. The atmosphere is very professional and the staff is wonderful! This is so much better than any lotions I've ever used & much safer than the sun!”

Love my tan!
“Very professional and fast. My appointment started right on time. The staff was very friendly and I absolutely loved that I could schedule my appointment on the website. My tan is pretty and natural. I'll be back!”

I Love Smart Bronze!

I am a monthly member and go every week year round to airbrush! The staff is fun and always does a great job! My favorite part is that I can have that summer glow all year without damaging my skin.