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Southlake's Best Mom

May 09, 2012 04:06PM ● By Mike

Photos: Best Mom Julie Smith received her prize package during a special reading at Old Union Elementary School. L-R: Annabelle, David, Julie and Christian Smith (left), Annabelle and her mom share a moment during the presentation (bottom right).

Southlake Style's Seventh Annual Best Mom Essay Contest

For the seventh straight year Southlake Style celebrates mothers in the month of May with our annual Best Mom Essay Contest. Through the longstanding support of our generous sponsors we were again able to award a prize package for this year’s winning essay that, amongst other great items, includes luxurious spa treatments, sparkling jewels, and a night at the Southlake Hilton. In all, this year’s prize package was worth close to $2,500 – (or $5.00 per word for any budding freelancers out there).

The assignment was simple; in 500 words or less tell us why the mom in your life is the best in the city. Accepted by children varying ages, choosing this year’s winner was not as simple. After hours of reading, laughing, and a few tears, Old Union 4th grader Annabelle Smith was able to express her love and admiration in just the right ways. For inspiring her daughter to write such a heart warming essay Julie Smith earns our respect and the title- Southlake’s Best Mom 2012.

Remarkable Mom (Julie Smith)

By Annabelle Smith, 4th Grade Old Union Elementary School

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you always find forgiveness.”

Every mom is unique in her own way. Some are truly amazing and should be honored for the things they have done and the sacrifices they have made. My mom is definitely one of those moms. She is the greatest treasure my life beholds, and I strongly feel she should be recognized for all that she has done for me.

 My mom has always supported me. Even if I am tackling the same problem, she supports me and stays by my side no matter what I do. In addition to this, my mom constantly makes me ecstatic. It’s as if the happiness she supplies is like a fragrance that invades my thoughts and makes the world seem more joyous and bright. Additionally, she helps me believe in myself. For example, I had only ever dreamed of academic success. Since my mom encouraged me and helped me become more confident, that dream became a reality. Furthermore, my mom immerses me in different cultures and languages. She herself is from the Czech Republic, and is fluent in Spanish along with English. She has taught me Czech and is currently teaching me Spanish. I am very grateful for this because it will help me understand many people and give me a better understanding of the world. Also, it may possibly help me in the future. Additionally, my mom is very sympathetic. She understands all of the problems I encounter and helps me face them head first. On the other hand, my mom and I do quarrel, but it makes us love each other even more. Speaking of love, my love for my mom is so great and everlasting that you cannot imagine how deep it is. I would truly do anything to make my mom happy. Someone has to be exceedingly special to deserve such a love like that. My mom is, and like I stated before she is the greatest treasure my life beholds.

My mom stays true to herself and always believes in good. Her influence means everything to me. Without my mom, I would be nowhere in life. Everything I will ever be is because of my truly amazing mom. 

In its seventh year Southlake Style has partnered with local businesses to showcase the city’s best moms through the writing of their loving children and husbands. Each year hundreds of essays pour in- some typed, some hand-written and others adorned with colorful stickers and glitter. Even though only one mother can take home the stellar prize package, we aim to show every mom how much they are loved.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: Corinthian Wellness Spa, Sunstone Yoga, Hilton-Southlake Town Square, Copeland's of New Orleans, Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers, Smart Bronze, BluDoor Studios, and Out of the Garden