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Southlake's Property Brothers

May 09, 2012 11:36AM ● By tina

Make the most of your home

Southlake’s Property Brothers- James and Donny Anderson learned the art of construction at the hands of a master, their dad, who spent his entire career building custom homes in and around Southlake. “My dad started me at the bottom, and I had to work my way up,” James says. Younger brother Donny recalls visiting his dad on the jobsite since the age of 10. After more than 25 years of experience and servicing the many jobsites of their own company, Anderson Industrial Roofing and Construction (A.I.R), the two brothers have become masters themselves offering so much more than a new roof. Just like the Anderson’s children have grown up in Southlake, A.I.R. has continued to grow as well. Spurred by the referrals of thousands of satisfied customers the expansion of their business now includes multiple services beyond their roofing specialty. With property values again on the rise and interest rates near all-time lows the local real estate market is back in action and the two brothers have plenty of home construction expertise to share with those looking to make the most of their home’s value.

Roofing- Don’t Let it Hold Up the Sale of Your Home

Smart sellers must weigh the cost of proposed improvements against their home's market value after upgrades are completed. According to the Anderson’s, updating kitchens and bathrooms generally carry the highest returns, but the brothers agree recent spring storms should have area homeowners on notice. They advise would-be sellers to check their roofs prior to putting a home on the market. The brothers understand a new roof may not be the sexiest of home improvements, leading to top dollar offers, but they also know a problem roof can bring its share of headaches. As buyers see it, a new functional roof will help a home stand out against the competition, as it is just one more maintenance item the prospective buyer will not have to worry about.

“Roofing is definitely one item that can hold up the sale of your home,” says James, “even with an agreed upon purchase price, if an inspector doesn’t like the condition of your roof, it can be a real deal breaker.”

Instead of waiting for this to happen, the Anderson’s suggest you work with a team like theirs who will not only conduct a free inspection but also provide a written report as to your roof’s condition. If your roof hasn’t been checked for hail damage in recent memory, being proactive with the necessary repairs will only help you in the long run. Rest easy- if you do need to completely replace a damaged roof due to a storm know that James and Donny are both highly respected in the roofing industry.

Whether you are looking for a replacement roof or upgrading your homes curb appeal, A.I.R. Roofing and Construction offer several stunning custom roofing materials such as multi-color slate or clay tile for that custom look that transforms your home into a showpiece. You can be confident that A.I.R. has expert installers who are certified in the highest standard of residential and commercial roof systems.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

“With school just about out, many local families will be looking to put their house on the market,” says James who considers no job too big or too small when it comes to helping families get top dollar for their property and get it fast. For new market entries, or updating your home for sheer enjoyment the Anderson brothers recommend starting with a smaller projects that provide a quick and relatively easy facelift.

Today’s savvy buyers are looking for newer trends including plumbing and lighting fixtures in a more sophisticated oil rubbed bronze. “First things first,” says James, “many Southlake homes are starting to show their age so we’ve got to renew the look. Changing out dated polished brass hardware for more updated fixtures can take years off of a home’s first impression.”

From fixtures to finishes, the next step they advise is to put some distance between your home and its aging wallpaper. In their expert opinion, the best way to do so, apply a texture and repaint. The days of laboriously peeling off bits of paper by hand are over. Today’s home professionals can hand trowel an impressive texture and a faux paint finish right over the existing wallpaper. The end result- a transformation of your space from eyesore to eye-popping at a price that is hard to beat.

An updated new coat isn’t just for wallpaper, any older home could benefit from the same simple fix in the most important room for resale, the kitchen. Applying a dark chocolate stain or an antique finish to your cabinets will not only hide years of scratches and nicks, it will give your kitchen a much appreciated contemporary flair that could mean all the difference in gathering a competitive offer.

If an entirely new kitchen is in order enlisting the help of an experienced decorator, who can personally assist in selecting the best granite, tiles and materials can make light work of a tough project. At A.I.R. James Anderson’s wife Michelle has the expertise to help give you and any room in your house a competitive advantage. With her help, custom materials can be paired with the latest kitchen designs and trends. According to Michelle, “a strong trend in kitchen design is the use of natural materials. Choosing stone or tile floors, or even distressed hardwoods, can bring color and texture to your new kitchen.” She and the A.I.R team will work with you to choose gorgeous new cabinetry with the latest trends in hardware to reflect your personal style and make your new kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. As James puts it, “We can bring a customer more bang for their buck because Michelle can do it all. There’s no need to pay an outside decorator.”

From roofs to kitchens and bathrooms, the proper maintenance and remodel projects can increase the value of your home and, if allowed, over time can even make you money. The quiet power of compounding is what creates the best returns as homeowners allow the real estate market to increase in value- thus leveraging remodeling investments over time.

In today’s competitive real estate market it pays to make the most out of any improvement to your home. Working with the folks at A.I.R. Roofing can help you determine where you can get the best return from your home improvement investment. Whether selling your home or simply wanting to get more enjoyment out of it, there are an abundance of projects both large and small that can fit your budget and your timelines.

With over 25 years experience in roofing and remodeling residential and commercial properties James, Donny and Michelle Anderson of A.I.R. Roofing and Construction (formerly A.I.R. Roofing) are a third generation Southlake family business. Their work ethic and professionalism has earned the respect of their co-workers and the trust of their customers. For more information visit A.I.R. Roofing and Construction