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Southlake Style

Max-ed Out

May 30, 2012 10:49AM ● By Mike

June 2012 Letter from the Editor

They say, "Good things come to those who wait." Although I agree, those who know me best understand I generally lack the patience to wait around. The illusive pundits known as 'they' have also uttered, "hard work pays off," to which I would whole-heartedly agree. In today's world everyone wants immediate satisfaction and businesses immediate results. You’ve got to be ready to work for it and my stance, like most of yours, is to be at the ready with sleeves firmly rolled up. Hey, 'they' may be dolling out free advice, but no one is handing out free keys to a home in this city! I think we can all agree it continues to take a modest amount of hard work- day in and day out to live what we consider to be the good life.

A few weeks back our offices were nose to the grindstone on another issue when, despite our lack of patience, I guess you could say, a "good thing came our way." Imagine our delight when the offices of the famed New York artist Peter Max contacted us about a feature story as he prepared to visit Dallas (see last month's issue if you missed it.)

In my New York eyes maybe only George Steinbrenner has painted with as skilled a brush, so of course we moved full speed ahead to interview Mr. Max, a national treasure who has painted presidents and celebrities while defining a generation with his vision. Along the way his work graced the covers of Time, Life, Newsweek, and for those of you who read the articles - Playboy.

Peter enjoyed our time together so much; he offered to paint a custom cover for our small city-centric publication. Didn’t have to ask us twice. Go ahead... I'll wait a moment while you take a second look.

Peter was enamored with the many fountains that adorn our city and couldn't pass up capturing the beloved water feature at the heart of our Town Square. And we’re thrilled to offer his custom painting of Southlake to all of you.

Good things come through hard work and sometimes they just come your way. That is a life balance I’ll always accept.









Yours in Southlake Style,