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Carroll Welcomes Basketball Coach

Oct 03, 2012 02:01PM ● By tina

Originally published - October 2012

By Sarah Ausdenmoore, Communications Dept. Intern, CISD

Dragon basketball fans, give a loud, fiery welcome to new head coach Eric McDade, who has come to take over the house. The Denison native played college basketball while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Concordia University in Austin. He and his wife, a principal in Mansfield, have two sons Bryson, 10, and Braylen, 7. McDade’s household may be wild with those two young sons running around, but McDade is still very excited for what the future holds for Dragon boys’ basketball. He hopes that the passion and enthusiasm of the program will create a great time for fans as they come out to support Dragon basketball.

What brought you and your family to Southlake?

“From the outside looking in, y’all [Carroll Dragons] had such great things going on here, and now that I’m here, I’m looking around and there are so many great things going on. It’s a great place for family.”

What is your coaching style?

“Fast. We like to play the game very fast, almost extreme. I just think the game was meant to be played in a fun, upbeat way. You have to get out there and you have to play, and enjoy what you’re doing. Play with a lot of enthusiasm, play with a lot of passion and a lot of energy.”

Who are some of the strongest influences for you in coaching?

“My grandfather and different guys that have been around in my life. They not only taught me how to coach basketball, but how to be a man, how to live, how to be a mentor and a role model. I thought I would replicate what I’ve been lucky enough to have.”

What was is like meeting the Dragon players for the first time?

“Oh man, do I have to put that in words? You know, we’re there in the same place, we just fit. They were excited, I was excited. They’re fired up.”

When fans see the Dragons play this year, what will stand out?

“They’re going to see that we’re going to put it all on the line. We may make some mistakes, no one plays a perfect ball game, but we are going to play so fast and with so much energy. Whatever mistakes we make, we are going to be able to make up for them. We’re going to be a team that cares about each other; we have coaches that care about kids. You’re going to see a contagious energy, and hopefully we’re going to come out and win some games.”

What is your first year vision for the Dragon Boys’ Basketball?

“When you come into a new place, you have to take care of the clients. We want to build those relationships with our kids right off the bat. We want to nurture the program, build the program and just keep it going. That first year you are going to come in and lay down the foundation. That next year we are going to come in and put down the stuff that we believe in and go from there.

What was at the top of your to-do list when you took this position?

“We started with the high school kids first, taking care of them first. I came here in May and was working with them for a few weeks off and on. Then we went down to the junior high and met those kids. That was cool, did a camp, a father-son camp. We established an organization called Southlake Basketball. It’s all youth groups, grassroots to take care of the younger kids. We will have some things set in place that will last for a while to help feed the program.”

Are you ready to proudly wear the green, black and white of Carroll ISD?

“Oh man, I’m ready! I am drinking the Kool-Aid, I am ready! I am all over it, I am so into it, big time. I am a Dragon, I feel good!”

Dragon Fans, get ready to come out and support Coach McDade and the Dragon Boys’ Basketball program, it’s going to be a great season.

Pictured: Athletic Director Kevin Ozee welcomes new Head Basketball Coach Eric McDade to Carroll ISD

Sarah Ausdenmoore is a Carroll ISD Communications and Marketing Department summer intern and 2011 Texas Tech graduate.  Sarah earned a degree in Electronic Media and Communications.  She also graduated from Carroll in 2008.