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Trailer Talk: Movies Previews for Oct 19

Oct 19, 2012 09:29AM ● By Mike

Alex Cross opens this weekend.

If you’re in need of some suspense this weekend, look no further than Alex Cross at Harkins Theatres 14Southlake. Tyler Perry returns to the big screen as a detective and psychologist in this upcoming thriller.

Perry begins the film as doting father and loving husband who works as a detective and psychologist for the Detroit Police Department. Upon the discovery of multiple murder victims, Cross is called in to formulate a profile of the killer and finds himself in a battle of wits with a psychopathic hit man.

Detective Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) plays Cross’s lifelong friend who works the case alongside Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols), fellow detective and Detective Kane’s secret love interest.

 Matthew Fox from the hit television series Lost plays opposite of Perry as the film’s antagonist. Fox is the creepy and ripped Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan, a cage-fighting serial killer hitman who is fascinated by pain and torture. Sullivan also becomes known as “Picasso” for the charcoal drawings he leaves at the scenes of his high-profile killings. This thriller is an intense game of cat and mouse with the ex-military operative Sullivan always a step ahead of Cross and the other detectives.

Sullvan’s ultimate target is that of multinational industrialist Giles Mercier, played by Jean Reno. As Cross and his team investigates and gets closer to catching Sullivan, “The Butcher” decides to make this case personal for Cross. Cross is blinded by revenge and becomes obsessed with capturing Sullivan.  Cross must find a way to control his urge to seek revenge and focus on getting a step ahead of Sullivan in order to capture him and bring him to justice.

Be sure to check out movie times and tickets at and don’t forget that children ages 3-8 can be dropped off at Harkins’ PlayCenter where they’ll be entertained with books, toys and of course, movies for only $6!