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The Best Holiday Starts with the Best Mom

Dec 01, 2012 10:26AM ● By Mike

Give yourself and your family the gift of relaxation to start the holidays off right!

by Dionne Anglin

I didn’t need anything or anybody… except the kind woman whose gifted hands were so soothingly handling my tired feet.  

Pedicure, you assume?  Well.  This was more than the typical pedicure! 

It was a tranquil, peaceful, “forget about it all” sleep-inducing escape from my non-stop grind where I seem to rotate hats labeled, ‘wife,’ ‘mom,’ ‘daughter,’ ‘sister’ and ‘reporter’ with the quickness.

You see -- one of my girlfriends told me about a day spa in Southlake where you can enjoy a pedicure while, at the same time, recline with your feet up, listen to soft music and relax (if you choose) with a soft eye pillow mask on your eyelids.  

And yes, if not careful, it can be dangerously addicting.

I’d been looking for a spa like this ever since I moved back to Texas from northern California.  There was a little spot in Concord, California I’d become a big fan of and they did pedicures there the exact same way. 

At any rate, the search is over and my feet are in love again!

But let me get to the point.  I set up this whole pedicure scene for a reason. 

If you’ve ever gone to a spa for some pampering, you know they give you the plush robe and slippers when you check-in.  And you know, after that, they lead you back to the quiet, beautiful place where you slip off your street clothes and wrap up in that soft, comfy robe.

Well—here’s where you should stop!  At this point you have to realize something very important before going any further.  

You must recognize there’s more to get rid of than your clothes. 

You have to remove all of the holiday mind clutter you walked in with.  That’s right!  Forget about your child’s science project that’s due in two days and not even half way finished.  Strip away the stress that accumulated while planning your picky sister’s birthday dinner.  And don’t even think about that mountain of laundry waiting for you to tend to it.  Trust.  It’ll be there whenever you return.

What I’m trying to say is— when we give ourselves permission to “completely” enjoy some quality time alone, without distractions, we are more likely to emerge with a better outlook on life and all of the things that matter most. What a novel thought during the stressful holiday season.

I spent two hours at the spa that day.  That’s not a tremendous amount of time.  But you better believe when I walked out of that door and hopped into my car, I felt special, rejuvenated and ready to tackle all the season has to offer.   

Most of all, I was pleased that I’d given myself a gift, the gift of renewing my spirit so I could offer it to others in its truest sense.

The bottom line is this—I have to be the best me… in order to be the best mom, wife, sister, career woman and overall person I can be.   

Oh and psssst…. When I’m not doing those things…you just might find me quietly reclining at the Corinthian Wellness Spa in Southlake.

Dionne Anglin is a TV news reporter with FOX 4 News.  She, her husband, daughter and their rambunctious dog, a one-year old Vizsla, live in North Keller.  Dionne is always looking for new ways to explore her North Tarrant County community… and that often includes the lure of new restaurants, shops and jogging at different parks—but also the quest for locating cozy spots to enjoy coffee and plain old people watching.  Check out her blog to keep up with her adventures in maintaining a career and “mom-dom” with a unique sense of style at