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In the News - Reporter Dionne Anglin

Jan 08, 2013 09:06AM ● By tina

On air - Dionne Anglin delivers another broadcast for FOX 4 News

From the bright lights of the studio to the backlit pages of her blog, for Reporter Mom Dionne Anglin, there's aways news to report

Ive chased hurricanes and politicians, covered crime and corruption and my share of parades, says FOX 4 News Reporter Dionne Anglin who knows one thing never changes; people are always hungry for up to the minute news.

And after more than 22 years as a news reporter the Fort Worth native and resident of Keller still personally considers the worlds appetite for news fascinating. In fact, it was this same enthusiasm for television news as a child, which led Dionne to become a journalist. While other kids enjoyed their morning cartoons and sit-coms, Dionne reminisced, I was way more interested in watching the news broadcasts of the day.

Back then she had no idea how it all came together in such a credible way, but that curiosity led her to take photography classes and join the yearbook staff at Trimble Tech.  The more she learned about media, the more she wanted to learn.

After graduating from Trimble Tech in 1983 she decided to further her education by enrolling in the journalism program at the University of North Texas. Close to home, yet living the campus life, she enjoyed classes like Broadcast News where she prepared mock newscasts  and Voice Diction where she successfully lost her Texan Twang.

During those early years, her father gave her some simple words of advice, "work for free, and if you still love being a journalist then you'll know for sure." Taking the advice to heart, Dionne secured an internship with CBS and thus secured herself and her parents that the news was her true calling.

Graduating from UNT with degree in hand, she set off on a life-long career path that started in Tallahassee, Florida and other stops in New Orleans, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Antonio. By 2005 Dionne's career came full circle after accepting the role as General Assignment Reporter in the very market that captivated her young mind.   For the past 6 years in Dallas/Fort Worth, Dionne has excelled at bringing a human touch to the stories of the day.  As childhood curiosity gave way to proven experience, her sentiments remained the same as when she was a child when she says, I know for sure north Texas is the best news market of any in the country. 

Dionne is proud to say her career eventually brought her back home to work alongside fellow FOX 4 colleagues; Shaun Rabb, Richard Ray and Emmy Award winning mentor Clarice Tinsley.

Ive met celebrities and not been as awe-inspired as when I met Clarice, Dionne admits, I watched her communicate with such ease in my youth and now I pinch myself that I get to work alongside her every day.

A typical day for this reporter mom starts before she even pulls out of the driveway with a 7:45am call to the FOX 4 assignments desk. At this time she learns where she'll be heading- east to the Dallas bureau or south to meet up with colleagues at the Fort Worth bureau. 

On this particular day, shes Dallas bound and ready to dig into another hot lead.  Continuing to make use of her hour-long commute Dionne makes several more phone calls to check in with some of her best sources. She needs to gather as much information as she can in order to make the case for her story at the editorial meeting.

By 9:00am shes settled into the office and has gathered the information from which shell make her pitch to the room full of managers, reporters and producers. I always pitch my stories with enthusiasm that they will be great, says Dionne. When it comes to gathering the news, Dionne recognizes, There is definitely camaraderie amongst reporters because we all share the same goals but, there is a competitive edge. We are a lot like competitive athletes- we share a mutual respect but, it doesnt stop us from being competitive. 

After the editorial meeting, if the producers show interest in her story shell need the better part of the day to investigate and confirm her facts, gather video and prepare the script for her 5:00pm news cameras. 

No stories gain Dionnes signature enthusiasm more than those that put a face on the local community and showcase stories of hope and triumph.  Perhaps her favorite report in her entire 22-year career was sharing the plight of an elderly Fort Worth woman. 

Ms. Antonia lived in an old house in north Fort Worth, recalls Dionne, it was literally falling apart.  She spoke very little English and never asked for help.

A friend of Antonias had a son, who was a contractor.  He called Dionne about the situation, hoping shed find it newsworthy.  After the first report aired, people were so moved by the plight of this elderly woman they practically turned out in droves to help repair her home.  In less than three days, what Dionne calls an outpouring of love and support went viral via social media.  The result was so much more than anyone ever imagined as the community came together to support one of its own. It was moving to know that my story played a part in the communitys support of such a nice woman, said Dionne, it is an enormous feeling to be able to help others.

After she shares stories on the air like that of Antonias, its back home to her husband and family. So involved in news reporting is Dionne that she has made it a family affair. Her husband John Anglin is also in the news game as an award-winning photographer for CBS channel 11.  When they arent tackling the stories of the day, the couples teenage daughter and one-year old Viszla, Checkers, keep them busy off the air. 

Sharing stories like Antonias and tweeting the specifics of jury trials for her followers, Dionne began to realize first-hand the power of social media. Her desire to share more of her own personal experiences, love for her family and a little bit of humor, Dionne decided to turn the camera on herself through her new blog entitled ReporterMom. 

Sure, I have a career, but I also maintain a normal, fun life as a wife and mother, says Dionne, gives me joy in sharing more of myself with the public and I like to share with flare!

She isnt kidding either. Recent stories on her budding blog include her most embarrassing reporter moments, hosting a bathroom party and extolling the virtues of one Rudy Huxtable amongst many others.  By sharing her work and life experiences through her blog, Dionne seeks to better relate to her audience the fact that she is a real live person and not just a face on the television. 

One day this reporter, mom and blogger hopes to add the title of author to her resume.  I have the urge to one day write a book, she admits, but I havent followed it through just yet.

For now Dionne continues to find ever increasing ways to enjoy her home town area and the short but telling stories on have become the perfect tool from which to write and communicate her personal thoughts. But as she freely admits, it all comes without the added pressure of another deadline.