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Organized Chaos...

Jan 15, 2013 04:46PM ● By tina

Working together can help organize the chaos in the family

Why It's Good to Start the New Year with Some

By Dionne Anglin

I like to fold the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.  Nobody else at my house shares this little affinity of mine.

My husband thinks a major rule in life is to replace the cap on the tube of toothpaste after using it.  I don’t think the caps’ whereabouts is that big of a deal.

Our dog either hates the vacuum cleaner and wants to kill it or he’s super terrified of it and tries to use reverse psychology by barking and frantically charging at it when we use it.

My daughter, an eighth grader, has a very eclectic outlook and philosophy regarding her bedroom and the way it looks.  I just haven’t been able to grasp or interpret it.

Welcome to a slice of my world as a working wife and mom.  Often it’s pretty hectic.  Rarely is it picture perfect.  

I like to call it organized chaos.

As we begin 2013 I pledge to remain keenly aware that each member of my family is an individual with different likes and dislikes.  As well, we all seem to have our little quirks and hang-ups.  And that’s okay!  It’s what makes us unique.

Truth be told…I’m the type who prefers a plan for everything.  I’m the one who does the research and makes the itinerary for a trip before we ever leave home and insists on a majority vote before any changes to it can be made.

Well maybe I added that last part for the effect.

But really…my closest friends always say if I wasn’t a journalist I should definitely be an event planner or a travel guide of some sort.

I simply feel better when there’s a clear outlook toward a goal and not some cloudy, leave it to chance or circumstance kind of way.

However, I’m finding as I mature (I like that term better than “age.”) I’m quite a bit more relaxed in my quest for the “prim and proper” way of life.

In fact, I’ve come to believe a little organized chaos is good for the mind, body and spirit!  I’m learning to relax, let go and enjoy life more.  There will always be schedules and rules to follow.  So who really needs the mindset, “it has to be done this way or its wrong.”

Here’s an example. When I walk through the door after a long day at work…and the first thing I see is a big heap of unfolded clothes in the laundry room-- I could easily waste time being stressed or frustrated because that is indeed one of my pet peeves.

Instead… I’ve found a better way to approach it.  I smile and say to my daughter or my husband, ‘hey, let’s fold the laundry together and talk about what happened today at school or work.”

Sounds a lot better, huh?  Trust me you can avoid some unnecessary tension with a little gesture like that one.

Now! As soon as somebody helps me out with the battle over the toothpaste cap and the dog versus vacuum cleaner drama… I’m gonna be golden!! 

Dionne Anglin is a TV news reporter with FOX 4 News.  She, her husband, daughter and their rambunctious dog, a one-year old Vizsla, live in North Keller.  Dionne is always looking for new ways to explore her North Tarrant County community… and that often includes the lure of new restaurants, shops and jogging at different parks—but also the quest for locating cozy spots to enjoy coffee and plain old people watching.  Check out her blog to keep up with her adventures in maintaining a career and “mom-dom” with a unique sense of style at