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Good Reads

Feb 27, 2013 09:35AM ● By tina

Because I Said So

Ken Jennings

(Scribner, $19.99)

#8 on the New York Times hardcover advice best sellers list (1.06.13)

Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stay like that! Don’t look in the microwave while it’s running! This will go down on your permanent record.

Ken Jennings wants to find out if mother and father always know best. Yes, all those years you were told not to sit too close to the television (you’ll hurt your eyes!) or swallow your gum (it stays in your stomach for seven years!) or crack your knuckles (arthritis!) are called into question by our country’s leading trivia guru. Jennings separates myth from fact to debunk a wide variety of parental edicts. 

Armed with medical case histories, scientific findings, and even the occasional experiment on himself (or his kids), Jennings exposes countless examples of parental wisdom run amok. Whether you’re a parent who wants to know what you can stop worrying about or a kid (of any age) looking to say, “I told you so,” this is the anti–helicopter-parenting book you’ve been waiting for.

The Forgotten

David Baldacci

(Grand Central, $27.99)

#7 on the New York Times hardcover fiction best sellers list (1.13.13)

In Paradise, nothing is what it seems...

Army Special Agent John Puller is the best there is. A combat veteran, Puller is the man the U.S. Army relies on to investigate the toughest crimes facing the nation. Now he has a new case-but this time, the crime is personal: His aunt has been found dead in Paradise, Florida.

A picture-perfect town on Florida's Gulf Coast, Paradise thrives on the wealthy tourists and retirees drawn to its gorgeous weather and beaches. The local police have ruled his aunt's death an unfortunate, tragic accident. But just before she died, she mailed a letter to Puller's father, telling him that beneath its beautiful veneer, Paradise is not all it seems to be.

America Again

Stephen Colbert

(Grand Central, $28.99)

#5 on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction best sellers list (1.13.13)

As perfect as America is in every single way, America is broken! And we can't exchange it because we're 236 years past the 30-day return window. Look around--we don't make anything anymore, we've mortgaged our future to China, and the Apologist-in-Chief goes on world tours just to bow before foreign leaders.

It's high time we restored America to the greatness it never lost!

Luckily, AMERICA AGAIN will ‘singlebookedly’ pull this country back from the brink. Covering subject's ranging from healthcare ("I shudder to think where we'd be without the wide variety of prescription drugs to treat our maladies, such as think-shuddering") to the economy ("Life is giving us lemons, and we're shipping them to the Chinese to make our lemon-flavored lemonade"), Stephen gives America the dose of truth it needs to get back on track.