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Travel Tech: Fun & Useful Gadgets for Spring Break

Mar 06, 2013 05:02PM ● By tina

As you're packing up for spring break, don't forget this nifty BiKn tracking device.

Looking forward to logging travel time during this month’s Spring Break? We know frequent-flyer miles can leave even the most world-worn traveler a little thin. Whether you’re flying solo, duo or with a whole clan, we’ve sought out the best in toys, gadgets and technology to aid you for whatever your schedule has in store.

BiKN Tracking Devices

Perhaps a member of your traveling party is prone to wandering, or maybe you’re just worried about misplacing your travel documents. BiKN’s battery-powered tracking tool can relay its position via radio to an app on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Smartphones can be outfitted in sleek cases to locate the lost device, regardless of whether it’s turned on or off. For other items that might grow (or already have) legs and walk off, like handbags and children, we recommend the BiKN’s tags. They only weigh half an ounce, and are so small, they won’t be a nuisance. $50 for a pack of two.

Travel BlanKid and Neck Pillow

The traveling family is an iconic image—children exhausted from travel, heads resting on parents, legs akimbo. Give your kiddo his or her own travel pillow in the form of Cabeau Travel’s Blankid Buddy. The adorable stuffed animal, when unzipped, transforms into a neck pillow with arms reaching around the neck to provide support and a 15-by-30-inch blanket that can be attached behind legs to hold it snugly in place., $30

 Kids Continuous Play Sunscreen Lotion 50 SPF

Endorsed by athletes like Mia Hamm and Steve Nash, Motion’s line of sunscreen includes this gem that’ll stay put on hard-to-cover areas like noses and necks no matter how much frolicking might be going on. Aloe and Vitamin E-infused, non-greasy and water-resistant, this lotion will keep your future all-star in the game. $8.99,

HyperPlug Battery Charger

The market’s flooded with battery chargers – but the latest, greatest and dearest to our gadget-loving hearts is the HyperPlug. With two USB ports and a 15,600mAh lithium ion battery, it can extend third-generation iPad battery life by 13 hours (earlier generations by 23 hours) or recharge an iPhone up to 11 times. With that kind of power, you probably won’t need to recharge the battery charger itself, but it’s got a retractable wall-plug all the same. Not only is the HyperPlug hyperfunctional, it also sports a sleek design and comes in a variety of fun colors. $159.99. 

  SlingBox 500

Don’t wait until you get home to catch up on hours of DVRed drama or comedy. Slingbox allows you to not only watch your recorded shows from the road, but also whatever is currently airing in real-time via your smartphone, tablet or computer using the company’s SlingPlayer software. The device comes with built in WiFi and attaches via HDMI to your cable set-top box, DVR or satellite receiver. It uses your home router to transmit video in amazing 1080p high-definition clarity to your device wherever you are. You’ll never have to miss a Rangers game or episode of Law and Order again. Slingbox, $299.99.

Nikon CoolPix AW110

We’ve yet to find a camera more durable and useable than Nikon’s latest waterproof CoolPix offering. It’s waterproof up to 60 feet, shockproof up to 7 feet and freeze-proof down to 14 degrees – so it can probably handle a snorkeling adventure as well the trials younger ones are sure to put it through. WiFi and GPS-enabled, the device employs a user-friendly interface that make it easy for travelers to stay connected with the folk back home. Nikon, $349.95.

Parrot Zik Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Designed by Phillippe Starck, these Parrot Zik headphones deliver much more than good looks. Bluetooth-enabled they offer the latest in noise-canceling technology, touch-pad controls on the right ear-cup (volume, pause, play and track skipping) and four microphones for clear conversation when used as a headset. Motion sensors detect when the headphones are taken off, pausing the music for you, or you can use the downloadable app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. For anyone who wants to reduce the nuisance of wires and background noise, these headphones are a must. Parrot, $399.99.