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Mar 25, 2013 10:36AM ● By tina

2013 Infinity JX

The job of ferrying multiple passengers and cargo always seems to demand a concession on the car-owner’s part, a concession many are prepared to make. Responsible adulthood demands responsible choices: a Chevy Suburban over a sporty Jeep Grand Cherokee, a stationwagon over a sleek sedan, a minivan over a multifunction crossover.

The newest addition to the crossover market, the 2013 Infinity JX, may make you rethink that wisdom.

This roll-out from the hidden gem of luxury carmakers features a seven-seat, three row cabin, solving many, if not most, of the problems facing those with soccer teams of passengers. That’s without even mentioning the easy third-row access through a wide side-door, third-row exit without disturbing a child-seat in the second row, more legroom in the second and third rows than industry standard and multiple options for hauling the bulkiest and most awkward of cargo. And it’s all housed in a sleek design that sports more alluring curves than such a responsible purchase should be allowed.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Starting with the basics, the JX sports a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that utilizes technology to ensure drivers don’t feel as if they’re stuck behind the wheel of a bus, or worse, a minivan. Multiple devices, like sport CVT, ensure the car maintains high gas mileage without losing power, cornering ability or driving pleasure.

Infinity holds nothing back when it comes to vehicle equipment: leather appointments, heated seats, a Bose sound system, a navigation system that syncs with the driver’s Google Calendar and the Infinity Personal Assistant (which can help with everything from last-minute dinner reservations to movie tickets) come standard. But don’t miss out on the car’s dual seven-inch LCD screens (with wireless headphones included, of course), driver memory systems, so that your seat and mirrors won’t lose their perfect settings, heated steering wheel or the panoramic moon roof with rear sunshade.

As for the most important factor of all, the Infinity offers plenty of advancements to protect your precious and not-so-precious cargo. Between the blind-spot intervention, collision intervention and distance control (automatically applies the brakes when traffic is slowing) systems, not to mention the around-view monitor with moving object detection, drivers are offered every technological leg-up when it comes to safety.

And for those with the privilege of sharing a vehicle with a teenager, don’t miss out on the Drive Zone and Speed alerts for parents, notifying the car owner if a geographic boundary is crossed or a speed passed.

The Infinity JX offers a modern answer to the needs and, more importantly, desires of the modern driver.


Engine: 3.5-liter V6

Horsepower: 265

MPG: 24/hwy

MSRP: $41,250