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Luxury Review - Anvil Scroll Bowl

Mar 25, 2013 10:47AM ● By tina

Anvil Scroll Bowl by Nambé

With distinct and innovative compositions, Nambé serves up diningware fit to be passed on for generations. Founded in 1954, Nambé has enjoyed much recognition over the years for its high-end design. The award-winning pieces easily make for functional works of art.  It started when Martin Eden, formerly a metallurgist for the Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico, discovered Nambé’s proprietary alloy, a material with the luster of silver and the solidity of iron. Inspired by the material’s incredible temperature-retention properties, founder Pauline Cable set to work designing esthetically pleasing kitchenware that could prove more functional than anything else on the market. Simply preheat a Nambé piece to 500 degrees or chill in the freezer before serving, and dishes will stay hot or cold for hours. Nambé alloy withstands tough temperatures while retaining its luster — it does not tarnish, chip, crack or break.

Noted designer Neil Cohen, a featured designer in New York’s prestigious 30 under 30 showcase, created the Anvil Scroll Bowl collection seen here. The pieces are perfect for service, but striking enough for display. The sophisticated bowl’s dramatic edge makes for an excellent lip to aid passing; the granite base makes for an ideal resting spot on the dinner table. Bring high-end design into your abode with the 9-inch bowl ($175), while any cosmopolitan hostess would appreciate the smaller 5-inch bowl ($75) as a gift.