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Pi Day was a Smash!

Mar 25, 2013 05:20PM ● By tina

Pi Day at Southlake's Mathnasium was a smash!

Submitted by Meredith Jones, Center Director, Mathnasium of Southlake

Mathnasium of Southlake is not your typical learning center.  At Mathnasium, each Director’s goal is to significantly increase your child's math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance, while building confidence and forging a positive attitude toward the subject.  Although students work hard on their math skills, they still leave each session thinking they had a ton of fun while learning!  The employees at Mathnasium take every opportunity to make math fun – this includes celebrating Pi Day every 14th of March.

Pi Day is a holiday to most mathematicians, on which they celebrate the number Pi.  Pi is the sixteenth number of the Greek alphabet and is used in countless math calculations.  It is celebrated on the 3/14 because Pi is approximately 3.14.  At Mathnasium, students explored Pi by participating in eight different learning stations comprised of: games, memorizing the digits of Pi, learning where Pi comes from, reading about Pi, forming Pi with playdough, writing words with Pi in them, hula-hooPIng, and a PiEating contest.  The winner of the PiEating contest had the privilege of Pi-ing Mathnasium’s Lead Instructor in the face. 

For more information on Mathnasium’s year-round programs, please contact Meredith Jones at (817) 421-1900 or visit Mathnasium of Southlake.