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Luxury Reviews - Specialized Source Two LTD

Apr 16, 2013 02:48PM ● By tina

The Source Two's hybrid design offers speed, stability, comfort and durability

Any cyclist will tell you, a bicycle makes the world smaller. At home, that means breaking isolation and connecting to a larger community. But for life-saving caregivers in Africa, a bicycle means visiting five times as many clients in a day.

For every Source Two LTD bike sold, Specialized, the go-to brand for avid cyclists, will donate a custom bike to World Bicycle Relief, where it will go to a caregiver fighting the HIV epidemic in Africa.

The Source Two LTD, though, is no charity case. As Specialized says, “There’s a time to haul, and there’s a time to haul ass.” This bike certainly does both. Featuring the company’s proprietary carbon alloy and the best of the best when it comes to components, Source Two LTD boasts a super lightweight body and a fast ride.

With a hybrid design, the bike offers the speed of a road bike with the comfort of a mountain bike. Road bikes, preferred by cyclists with Tour de France fantasies, feature thin wheels that make great speed but don’t handle potholes, curbs or gravel well. On the other hand, mountain bikes have a youthful appeal that comes thick wheels and upright frame, which also make them more stable and comfortable. The Source Two’s hybrid design offers the best of both: speed, stability, comfort and durability. Ready to take on a variety of terrains, the bike is designed for daily use.

The Source Two LTD’s durable and low-maintenance components take it to the front of the cycling pack. A SRAM Automatix gear shifter senses the bike’s speed and smoothly changes gears accordingly, allowing the rider to stay focused on the road (or the view). It also allows for quick acceleration and easier starts. And mechanical brakes linked to a tension cable? Things of the past. Enjoy the smoothness and power of a SRAM hydraulic brake system as you comfortably stop for whatever pops up in your way. Take your cycling right into night with the Supernova E3 Pro headlight and taillight system.

These items might seem too advanced for a casual biker, but rest assured, it’s all designed to require very little maintenance and even less cycling know-how.

Just get on the bike and enjoy the smooth and swift ride — made even sweeter with the knowledge that you’ve helped save lives half a world away. $1,500, for retailers