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Sam Torolopoulos - Place 6

Apr 17, 2013 05:01PM ● By tina

Sam Torolopoulos for Place 6, CISD Board of Trustees

Part one of a two part series.

Q:  Each candidate in this year’s campaign has promised fiscal restraint to taxpayers.  What specific actions or proposals do you recommend to balance the budget and maintain fiscal responsibility?

A: Sam Torolopoulos – The first thing that comes to mind is that we plan for the future using a very basic and effective form of budget forecasting called Baseline Budgeting.   Baseline budgeting uses current spending levels as the "baseline" for establishing future funding requirements and assumes future budgets will equal the current budget times the inflation rate times the population growth rate.  The problem the District faces is that the student population in Southlake has declined by 2% over the past five years.  First, what we would need to do is get all departments to start their budgets for the upcoming year at zero and move forward from there making sure all the basic classroom and teacher needs are met.  Second, unnecessary spending needs to be reined in.  The current bboard has over budgeted for the last two years with spending that did not take place and that was in excess of the revenue that would have been raised in the tax increase proposal put forth last Fall, had it passed.

Q:  Protect the Tradition is at the very heart of this school district.  What does the phrase mean to you and exactly how do you intend to fulfill that commitment if elected?

A: Sam Torolopoulos What is it that draws families to Southlake? The reputation of being able to provide a quality education to the students.  Well the truth behind that ability to provide an education is being able to pay for it!   I lived here several years ago when the CISD literally ran out of money. I remember when Art, Spanish and other electives were cut and the upheaval when the citizens were told we had only a few weeks to make some radical changes or we would be insolvent.  I never want to see that happen again, I want to protect all the children and all the classes, both core and encore for the current students and generations to come.

I plan on fulfilling that commitment of protection by being a responsible trustee/steward of the money. It is common sense as well as basic math, that you do not spend more than you take in.  We are currently on that same road of spending more than we are taking in so if elected I plan on reversing that trend and making sure what dollars we are spending are directed first and foremost to the teachers and the students in the classrooms.

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