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Jim Palazzo - Place 7

Apr 17, 2013 04:57PM ● By tina

Jim Palazzo for Place 7, CISD Board of Trustees

Part one of a two part series.

Q:  Each candidate in this year’s campaign has promised fiscal restraint to taxpayers.  What specific actions or proposals do you recommend to balance the budget and maintain fiscal responsibility? 

A: Jim Palazzo – I am a hospital/physician practice administrator by training. I have been in the business of offering critical life-saving medical and surgical services to the public. Each year, the budget requests in any hospital are greater than the funds available.  The responsibility of hospital leadership is to prioritize budget requests in order to fit expenditures into the available revenue. CISD is spending about 2% more than it is taking in. We are VERY CLOSE to balancing our budget. I believe that we can and must close the 2% gap in order to balance our budget, while at the same time protecting our school programs. I also believe that we should work with the City of Southlake, and our state representatives to find new sources of revenue without raising our local taxes.

Q:  Protect the Tradition is at the very heart of this school district.  What does the phrase mean to you and exactly how do you intend to fulfill that commitment if elected? 

A: Jim Palazzo - CISD has a long tradition of academic, extracurricular and sports excellence. We have a state-wide and also national reputation. I was speaking with one of our former Southlake Mayors who said our academic and sports traditions go all the way back to the 1960’s. The tradition is one of excellence, achievement, and thriving in competition. If elected – I intend to protect that tradition by working with full-time school administrators, teachers, and parents – and supporting a strategic plan and budget that allows us to continue to “protect the tradition”.

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