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Matt Kormann - Place 6, part 2

Apr 18, 2013 03:02PM ● By tina

Matt Kormann for Place 6, CISD Board of Trustees

Part two of a two part series.  See Kormann's part one responses.  To learn about his opponent Sam Torolopoulos, see part one and part two.

Q:  Carroll has an excellent and established reputation of providing a quality education for its students.  If elected, what are the details of your plans to maintain the quality of education amidst budget cuts?

A: Matt Kormann – Dr. Johnston, CISD Executive Director of Special Programs, has overseen an integration of Special Education teaching and curriculum into the high school level classrooms. This method has brought students with different learning needs into the mainstream in such a way that their classmates in many cases don’t even know they’re receiving that specialized educational care. This can be a model for integrating additional resources on a tight budget.

We’re all well aware of the benefits of extracurricular activities to students at all grade levels. Our work on the CISD Budget & Finance Committee is currently focused on identifying efficiencies within those programs that would enable any additional cost savings not previously identified while protecting the integrity of arts and athletics programming. This community-driven process brings a group of highly talented parents and taxpayers to the table in an effort to truly think outside the box, and must continue in an effort to ensure that those voices are heard. Keeping the community involved as a voice in the expense and revenue process is critical and should be a year-round effort.

Finally, we must investigate every reasonable revenue enhancement opportunity available to us. If Austin continues to hold and tighten the CISD purse strings, it becomes the responsibility of CISD to change the game. I’ve addressed a couple of those options above, and there are many more that the community at large and the Budget & Finance committee will most certainly bring to the discussion. It cannot be all about expense reductions. Both sides of the equation have to be addressed.

Q:  If elected, what personal skills and experiences do you plan to bring to the position? 

A: Matt Kormann – In my professional life, I’m evaluated on a variety of factors that emphasize fiscal performance and client and employee engagement and satisfaction. Working in a family and employee owned company, we value people above all else. Ensuring that we continue a culture of recognizing and celebrating the successes of our CISD staff, volunteers, and administration will be a primary focus for me. I’ve learned through trial and error as well as significant professional development efforts that if we take great care of our people, they will take great care of our business and our clients.

The budget I’m accountable for is in the multimillion-dollar range.  In addition to leading a team of 70, budget management is a top priority. Successful budget managers must be sensitive to the nuances of every cost decision and be able to visualize the downstream effects even small adjustments have within a budget. As a leader, you have to be able to see what effect those changes will have on employees and clients before taking action. Without the experience of managing a large and complex budget, it is difficult to predict the ramifications of current actions on future performance.  I am consistently held accountable for and evaluated on my ability to make decisions that ultimately provide positive fiscal results for my corporation. 

Outside of my professional life, my community involvement makes me a unique candidate.  I currently serve on the White’s Chapel UMC task force, formed in the wake of the most recent tragedies within our school community. We were formed to address the road range of risks to our kids. We will provide education, resources, and support to students and families with the hope of preventing such painful and traumatic events in the future. In addition, my involvement with White’s Chapel has given me the opportunity to give back globally by participating in our recent mission trip to Ghana, and my family has committed to leaving a lifelong legacy in that country by commissioning a clean-water well this year. This experience has literally changed me as a person and made me a better leader.

As a former youth soccer coach, I’ve learned as much about motivation and engagement as any professional development effort could ever teach me. I’ve carried those experiences into my professional life, and intend to use them to great effectiveness as a Trustee.

At the bottom line, I will bring a vote for our kids every time. Sometimes that will be painful or cost some measure of “political capital.” But that’s the requirement of fulfilling a role like this, and I would be honored to serve, to earn your trust, and make those tough choices that protect our traditions of excellence.