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Sam Torolopoulos - Place 6, part 2

Apr 18, 2013 03:02PM ● By tina

Sam Torolopoulos for Place 6, CISD Board of Trustees

Part two of a two part series.  See Torolopoulos' part one responses.  To learn about his opponent Matt Kormann, see part one and part two.

Q:  Carroll has an excellent and established reputation of providing a quality education for its students.  If elected, what are the details of your plans to maintain the quality of education amidst budget cuts?  

A: Sam Torolopoulos – You do not have to cut anything if you spend within your means.  Controlling growth is the problem.  As a business owner my first priority is to make payroll, second priority is to make sure my employees have the means necessary to do their jobs effectively.  Our first priority is paying our teachers and second making sure they have the tools necessary to teach our children.  The quality of the education a child receives is only as affective as the quality of teachers we can provide to them and the quality of tools we give those teachers to do the job. 

Q:  If elected, what personal skills and experiences do you plan to bring to the position?

A: Sam Torolopoulos – I am a Certified Public Accountant, accredited in business valuation and as such I have over 27 years of experience in accounting, auditing, business valuation and corporate finance. I also have performed municipal audits on school districts early on in my career.  What I can offer the Board that no other candidate can is my expert ability to analyze the numbers, to offer real solutions that have worked for many business and many schools.  Also as a member of the community my expert knowledge of the numbers and the real but hard recommendations I will make are for the benefit of the children because my children attend CISD schools every day.