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Jim Palazzo - Place 7, part 2

Apr 18, 2013 03:02PM ● By tina

Jim Palazzo for Place 7, CISD Board of Trustees

Part two of a two part series. See Palazzo's part one responses.  To learn about his opponent Chris Archer, see part one and part two.

Q:  Carroll has an excellent and established reputation of providing a quality education for its students.  If elected, what are the details of your plans to maintain the quality of education amidst budget cuts?  

A: Jim Palazzo – The highest priority of any school system, including CISD, is the education of our kids in preparation for college and to promote success at home and in their future careers. In additional to the standard educational programs, CISD has strong advanced placement, honors, and special needs programs – which also support our gifted and talented students. If elected as a trustee – I will support the protection and enhancement of our academic programs through the annual strategic planning and budgeting process. Two of our kids have graduated from CISD, and we have two kids who are currently attending CISD. We have a vested interest in the academic success of CISD. In speaking with many members of our community, I believe those with and without kids in the district see the value in continuing the tradition of academic excellence.  

Q:  If elected, what personal skills and experiences do you plan to bring to the position? 

A: Jim Palazzo – I am an experienced healthcare administrator. There are similarities between offering healthcare services to the public, and offering educational services to the public. I think my work experience over the last 25-years will translate very well into CISD leadership. I owned my own healthcare consulting business. I was fully responsible for marketing our services, growing the business, meeting payroll, developing annual budgets, creating strategic relationships, and ensuring the quality of the services offered. I also think these skill-sets will be of value to CISD. As a strategic healthcare consultant – I assist large health systems throughout the USA in the development and implementation of meaningful strategic plans and budgets in an environment of increasingly limited reimbursement for healthcare services. This is a skill-set that will be of value to CISD. I believe that my life experience and skill sets will nicely complement those of the CISD Board.