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Southlake Style

In Succession

Apr 22, 2013 03:38PM ● By tina

Carroll's Swim and Dive team have earned three successive state championships - Photo courtesy of Rex Teter Photography

Dragon Pride Spring's Letter from the Editor

Hit a 100 mph fastball, bend it like Beckham or run a 4-minute mile — regardless of the sport, we admire athletes for their abilities to do what the rest of us deem impossible. In order to succeed, both professional and amateur athletes must devote their lives to sport. For these highly competitive and driven individuals, achieving the pinnacle of performance, like taking home a championship trophy, can mean a world of difference when it comes to earning the respect of fans and peers alike.

Locking up a single championship is obviously a feat unto itself, but to defy the odds by winning multiple championships should be noted as undeniable greatness. As the reigning 5A Lone Star Cup champions, Southlake-Carroll boasts the greatest number of top teams in the state of Texas. However, even in Southlake, some teams deserve even more recognition for routinely taking home top honors.

Led by state record holder Jonathan Roberts and two-time state diving champion Bryce Klein, Southlake’s swim and dive team has taken its winning tradition to the pool for three successive state championships. Our cross-country teams have won successive state championships and national rankings behind names like Sansone, Gilley and Kriegshauser.

Many argue over what type of feats are the hardest to accomplish in sports. For me, it’s not a trip to the plate, a shot on goal or setting a course record — it’s not even the feat of winning a championship that makes me marvel most. Above all else, it’s the spirit and focus that brings home successive successes that must to be recognized. In this issue of Dragon Pride Spring, we hail our very own victors of successive championships.

Yours in Southlake Style....

Mike Tesoriero

Photo Credit: Rex Teter Photography