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Southlake Style

The Art of Beer...In The Square

Apr 26, 2013 09:00AM ● By tina

This year's Art in the Square features a diverse selection for the parched beer connoisseur

By Tina Auten, Staff Writer

While art is the primary reason many attend Art in the Square, all of the browsing and shopping can make one downright thirsty and in need of a cold beer.  In addition to the regular beer booths there is also the King & Queen Pub, La Bistro Beer Tent and Southlake Beer Garden.  From traditional lagers such as Bud Light to specialty beers such as Murphy’s Irish Stout, there’s a wide array to enjoy for the beer connoisseur at Art in the Square and we’ve got a sneak preview of this year’s malty goodness.

The Lagers-

The best-selling light beer in the world, Bud Light, returns to this year’s festival with fewer calories to compliment its clean, crisp taste.  For those looking for a low-carb alternative, look no further than Michelob Ultra and enjoy the smooth taste and clean finish.  Original to Texas, ZiegenBock Amber is an American-style amber lager with a sweet, smooth taste and hop finish.

The Ales –

Belgian-style wheat ale, Shock Top, is made with real orange peel and a little coriander to spice up the mix for a refreshing finish. Deliciously refreshing with a light effervescent body, Alaskan White is another Belgian-style ale with a soft, slightly sweet base and citrus finish. 

Inspired by the great pilsner beers of Northern Germany, Real Ale Hans’ Pils delivers the hoppiness one would expect with a pilsner along with a lemony, grassy aroma and sweet pale malts in the background.

Real Ale’s Four Squared starts with the basic recipe of Firemans #4, adds more malted barley and massive charges of hops to give bulk to this burly blonde ale.

If amber ales appeal to you, Fuller’s London Pride is the ticket with its distinctive malty base and rich balance of hop flavors for a smooth, yet complex taste.

With its robust flavor and deep copper color, Wells Bombardier English Premium Ale has a surprisingly light body and is less bitter than others in its class.  Inspired by English country pubs, Goose Island Honker’s Ale combines a spicy hop aroma with a rich malt to create a perfectly balanced ale for those looking for a smooth English Bitter. 

Seasonal favorite, Alaskan Black IPA, features the dark black color and flavors of a fuller-bodied porter.  Fresh citrus notes balance the hints of coffee, bitter chocolate and dark fruit for a pleasantly dry finish. 

The Ciders-

As tastes have changed Blackthorn Apple Cider has become less dry in taste yet maintains a distinctive English bittersweet crispness one would expect in a hard cider.  Also made in the traditional English style, William’s Sir Perry uses 100% fermented pear juice in this cool, refreshing hard cider that is clean and crisp rather than overly sweet.

The Stout-

With hints of coffee, caramel, and a little chocolate, Murphy’s Irish Stout is a creamy, smooth and easy to drink beer that is known to be slightly less bitter than other dry stouts.

Beer is just one of many reasons to visit Art in the Square.