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The Fire Department or the Contractor?

May 28, 2013 03:45PM ● By tina

Regular maintenance of spinal health can help defend against dramatic and unforeseen injuries.

Family Health with Dr. Jerrod Wright, 180 Wellness

Healthcare as we know it seems to have lost its way. Across the board, correctly diagnosing a patient and prescribing the right treatment plan has become paramount to ensuring the best patient outcomes. If a patient doesn’t respond to care, many in the medical field assume he or she has the wrong genetic makeup. All too often, doctors fail to look at the individual’s lifestyle, which can involve many different health-related factors ranging from diet and exercise to how much stress they face on a daily basis.

Let’s say your body is a house, and your house is on fire. Of course, you’d call the fire department. They have axes, water hoses, ladders — all the tools needed to put out the fire. But what comes next? Do you keep calling the fire department every time there’s a fire, or do you try to identify the causes of the fires and prevent them altogether? Most would chose the latter, calling a contractor to help address the underlying issues. 

When your body is suffering from a fire of symptoms due to illness or injury, of course you call the fire department. Acute healthcare — responding to illness once the symptoms are present — makes sense. But perhaps you should also contact a building contractor, a lifestyle coach, to advise on quality healthcare through preventative maintenance. Once you are out of crisis mode, it makes much more sense to focus on prevention through a healthy and proper lifestyle than to continue along the path fixing only what is on fire.

In acute situations our healthcare system is hands down the best to treat illness, but in rebuilding and prevention it fails to offer adequate tools. What do we do when we have a child who is so obese the nurses can’t even lift him on to the table? We should be discussing lifestyle changes, rather than buying expensive equipment to lift him up to the table. Poor lifestyle choices are what generally lead us all to the point of crisis.

A lifestyle coach who can offer a comprehensive assessment of your health and lifestyle will be able to provide practical everyday changes to help rebuild and maintain the home that is your body. This may involve dietary changes, chiropractic adjustments and the incorporation of daily stretching and exercise. Many overlook chiropractic care, which is not covered by most medical insurances, but just like your home, regular maintenance of spinal heath can help defend against dramatic and unforeseen injuries.

Just like you pay to preserve your home, your body should receive the same level of proactive attention. Maintaining proper health will keep your body in the very best shape, and in the long run, save you from future medical expenses and unforeseen and potentially deadly illness and injury.

So ask yourself, “Is there more long-term benefit from continually calling the fire department or a visit from a contractor?” Adding a professional who is trained in the areas of lifestyle enhancement can only improve your life. You owe it to yourself and your family to live the happiest, healthiest life you can. 

Dr. Jerrod Wright, 180 Wellness

Dr. Wright is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic (DC) and Southwest Texas State University (BS) and has been in practice in Southlake since 1996. In addition to his practice 180 Wellness, he currently serves as team chiropractor to the Texas Rangers.