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Luxury Review - Tigé RZ4

May 29, 2013 04:36PM ● By tina

Underneath its chic exterior you’ll find a powerhorse engine that delivers speed and smoothness all at once.

Show off your need for speed with this eye-catching boat that won’t just turn heads — it will make them spin. Tigé made a name for itself by manufacturing some of the best-looking boats on the water, and its flagship RZ4 is no exception, sporting some seriously sleek, sexy lines and hard edges.

But the RZ4 offers more than good looks. Underneath its chic exterior you’ll find a powerhorse engine that delivers speed and smoothness all at once. The award-winning Pleasurecraft Marine engine utilizes six-point rubber mounts that ensure vibration-free, quiet performance, and its patented Fuel Cell technology offers instant starts every time and consistent performance no matter what the water conditions.

Fans of watersports, whether wakeboarders, skiers or banana-boaters, will enjoy its fast acceleration time and consistent ability to handle sharp turns. Those with advanced skill sets will deeply appreciate the ability to fine-tune its wake output with the touch of a screen.

With no loud motor to drown out your tunes, you can amplify your enjoyment by playing your own music. Any top-of-the-line boat wouldn’t be complete without a high quality sound system, and the RZ4 delivers, offering concert-quality sound through speakers and subwoofers integrated into the boat and the rattle-free tower (another thing that won’t be disturbing your peaceful ride). With the ability to integrate any smartphone or MP3 player into the boat’s touchscreen controls and optional long-lasting batteries, the RZ4 is more than a sporty speedboat — it’s an entertainment destination.

Tigé’s flagship is built with a wide-open bow that offers generous, comfortable capacity — up to 17 passengers, according to the manufacturer. Putting the comfort and safety of passengers first, Tigé designed the RZ4 to have more legroom and deeper seating than those of competitors. And don’t worry about cluttering up the space with gear — overabundant storage options are available throughout the boat.

No detail gets overlooked in this boat designed to impress. From stern to hull, comfort, performance and satisfaction are all accounted for in Tigé’s RZ4.


Length: 24 ft.

Beam: 102 in.

Weight: 4,485 lb.

Fuel: 48 gal.

Engine: Up to 450 hp

Seating: 17

Price: $58,300