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Luxury Review - Turbo Tent

Jul 19, 2013 10:43AM ● By tina

Designed to be simple and foolproof, Turbo Tent's PineCrest takes just a few minutes to set up.

Turbo Tent's PineCrest 10-Plus

You drive for hours to a campground only to immediately spend valuable outdoor time setting up the tent, a process that can take hours, particularly if you’re as hapless as we are. That’s one of the reasons we love the Turbo Tent by Black Pine Sports. With a tagline of “Luxury in Seconds,” the company promises every tent not only takes minutes to set up but also offers the nicest of amenities for those of us who love it rough — but not too rough.

Don’t waste daylight searching for the right poles to fit into the right places — Turbo Tent poles feature joints that allow them to stay connected, never getting lost when stowed. Simply take out the tent, stake out the corners, lock the poles into place, and push the top up. Designed to be simple and foolproof, the Turbo Tent’s components, from guy lines to corner stakes, are stored in self-contained stow-and-go zip up pockets keeping all the parts in their proper places.

The Turbo Tent features lightweight poles and a waterproof fabric that feels like heavy canvas but weighs considerably less. Each side features the Turbo Tent’s proprietary membrane on the inside to allow privacy for those inside and also block out shadows that might frighten weary campers.

With deep compassion for those with siblings, we highly recommend the spacious accommodations and privacy offered by the PineCrest three-room tent — it can sleep up to 10 people, including brothers and sisters who can’t stomach the idea of sharing a room on the road. It has front and back awnings and vented curtain room dividers, and all three rooms offer light-hooks. The whole shebang, when stowed, weighs 64 pounds, not too much more than a hefty bag of mulch, so we’re pretty sure you can handle it. 


Capacity: Up to 10 people

Weight: 64 lbs.

Size: 21.65’ x 10'

Awnings: 1 front, 1 rear

Rooms: 1 center room, 2 sloping side rooms