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Powder Puffs Get Makeover

Aug 09, 2013 02:56PM ● By tina
Submitted by Cindy Medanich

The puff is updated and out of the box!

PJ & CJ Soft Touch, LLC is a new company owned by talented sisters Penny Gammon and Cindy Medanich. They have introduced a novel concept in powder puffs: a patent-pending design on the old-fashioned acrylic pile flat puff. The company was born from the very basic supply and demand premise — Penny was looking to purchase a luxurious yet durable powder puff but found none that seemed suitable.  Not wanting to settle for some traditional puff that was commonplace, Cindy had the idea to repurpose mink from clean outdated or damaged garments.  

PJ & CJ Soft Touch, LLC can be found on the Martha Stewart American Made 2013 website and is looking for the public's vote Monday, August 26, 2013.

Having personally used their unique puff, both Cindy and Penny learned that the mink puff applies a better amount of dusting powder than the acrylic pile or faux-fur fabrics and last longer with easy care. A cheaper fabric puff can become a matted tangled dense mass and will need replacing because of wear.

“These are not the puffs your mother used but are mink and wonderfully more glamorous. It makes them feel feminine and sexy,” Penny said. The sisters also make loose dusting powder in a signature fragrance of honey and almond scent that does not compete with a favorite perfume.  The loose powder and mink puff are to be placed together in a beautiful hand-etched bubble shape glass container that has a 45-degree slant side opening for easy access.  The mink puff set looks fabulous on any vanity alongside perfume, not shut away in a box. This is a company dedicated to providing a truly luxurious dusting powder experience.

“Our friends have tried these and love them!” Cindy said.  All puffs are repurposed quality mink given new life, which provides that sensual feeling that only genuine mink can give.  The company is currently developing unique product positioning and brand recognition to be that of the highest quality standards and premier customer service.  While on a personal quest to locate a high-end durable puff, it became clear that none were currently on the market.  This is their motivation to provide such a product for all discerning women and men.