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Is Your House Ready For a Little Nip/Tuck?

Aug 13, 2013 09:55AM ● By tina

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Submitted by Roxann Taylor

The number of people looking around this year and doing what I call “musical houses” here in our community is really phenomenal. Tired of the amenities their own houses have to offer, many have looked to buying another home and shedding the old one. The problem is, I have listings on several homes that we never ended up actually putting onto the market because people wanted to find their new home first. Now that the season is starting to wane, they are finding themselves disappointed because they just couldn’t find “the one.”

Well, to all of you who did not find “the one,” the biggest common denominator for everyone seemed to be awesome outdoor living centers, with every bell and whistle you can add to it. One of the homes I sold this summer for full price, the first day on market with multiple offers, had the most fabulous outdoor living center. It had a living lounge area, dining area and kitchen cooking area (complete with fireplace, TVs, sound and every cooking implement known to man). So, just like when you don’t like something about yourself, you need to do a little nip and tuck. Why not do it on a home?  Buy that home that needs an outdoor living center, and make it perfect for yourself. You can probably do it for less than paying top dollar in a multiple bid war, and you can make it perfect for your family. Go find the home in the neighborhood you like, one that has the curb appeal and the floor plan that appeals to you. Then you can add the things you want; but do it now because the ones that did not sell this summer are already becoming more and more reasonably priced as interest rates are starting to creep back up. 

Complete Overhaul

Roxann Taylor  Associates Realtors

The living room, dining room and full kitchen — outside. This was a $450,000 addition to the home. If you have a pool, it doesn’t have to have a waterfall, it doesn’t have to have a heater; just make it a pool. Please remember that these changes need to be congruent with the rest of the home. Everyone says when they put their house on the market, they all do all these things they wish they would have done and been able to use it more.

To plan that outdoor kitchen and find that perfect built-in grill for your outdoor remodel, the BBQ Guys have a great list of ideas from Chef Tony Matassa.  When planning an outdoor kitchen there are additional things to consider such as water, gas lines and placement of appliances to maximize different zones.  Fortunately, there are many companies that can help you plan the perfect outdoor space for preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining your family and friends.  A few of my favorites resources for outdoor appliances include Lynx Grills, FireMagic, Alfresco Grills, DCS Appliances, Factory Builder Stores, and Blaze

Minor Procedure

Living Room

There was this great article from Better Homes and Gardens that gave 15 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces.  They gave super advice from the practical to the extravagant and is a wonderful start to planning your outdoor addition.

So, if you are not changing houses this year, and you want to make your home so that it is extremely marketable down the road, then let’s give it a little nip and tuck now and make some changes that you’re actually going to enjoy. You could paint it, or you could make an addition to the outside that will be enjoyed and increase your marketability.

Call me today and let’s see if there is something out there that just needs a little nip and tuck!

~Roxann Taylor~

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