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Starting the School Year on the Right Foot

Aug 23, 2013 04:29PM ● By tina

The first day of school marks the end of summer, and while many students eagerly look forward to the beginning of the school year, it’s not uncommon to get a case of the butterflies before the first day back.  Parents can help ease the transition by following a few basic tips to help their students get off on the right foot.

1.     Be positive and remind your child school will be fun.  Children often pick up on a parent’s anxiety, so it’s important to model optimism and confidence.

2.     Establish a reasonable bedtime to ensure your student is well-rested and ready to learn.

3.     Serve your child a healthy breakfast. He or she will be more alert and able to focus in the classroom.

4.     Have kids organize books, homework and clothes each night to make for a less harried morning.

5.     If possible, adjust your own schedule to be home at the end of the school day for the first week.  For working parents who don’t have that flexibility, try and arrange evenings to give kids as much time as they need.

For more tips and suggestions visit the National Association of School Psychologists, Healthy Children, and Kids Health.