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Sep 23, 2013 11:14AM ● By Mike

A fine wine and select pairings always impress at Patrizio Osteria

by Derek Smith, General Manager Patrizio Osteria Southlake

When I first stepped foot into Patrizio Osteria in Southlake, I smiled as I embraced my surroundings. Wait, let me rephrase. When I first drove up to Patrizio Osteria in Southlake, I wondered, “What happened to the humble and cozy restaurant in Highland Park where I served in the summer of 2008?” Yes, you will still find the Patrizio staples: savory crab claws, corn-and-green-pea-accentuating Conchiglie Con Pollo and the comforting eggplant Parmesan. What has catapulted this restaurant to the next level is its Osteria menu.

“Osteria” can be translated as an authentic Italian establishment emphasizing local Italian specialties. Southlake is more than a stone’s throw from Italy, but I’ve fallen in love with its authentic cuisine you can not find anywhere else ‘round these parts. “Tentazione Dell’Osteria” is my go-to cheese plate that any wine-loving foodie would welcome at any time of any day. Chef Luciano likes to refer to this dish as a “tour of Italy in one plate.” The guest is introduced to San Daniele prosciutto from Fruili, Culatello from Emilia, salami from Calabria, smoked speck from Alto Adige, (as my mouth waters) Sottocenere al Tartufo truffle cheese (smoke-infused using ashes from the chef’s hometown of Vicenza in the Veneto region) and Parmiggiano Reggiano from Emilia Romagna, all highlighted with a side of organic honeycomb and an olive tapenade flanked with perfectly prepared walnut crostini. Continue to take your taste buds on a journey by accompanying the above-mentioned treat with a glass of Ceretto Arneis Blange (one of my favorite whites, light-bodied and acidic with a wonderfully rounded fruit finish) or Orin Swift’s Locations “I” (a smooth, medium-bodied red, drawing from grape varietals all over Italy).

I would be remiss not to share my favorite entrée from the Osteria menu, the ever-popular Orecchiette Alla Cabrese: homemade ear-shaped pasta, imported Italian sausage with a hint of sweetness, Calabria peppers (the backbone of this dish that I can’t wait to experiment with in a potential cocktail) that have a slight bite of spice but do not linger and burn the palate, crunchy pieces of broccolini and a touch of marinara. I absolutely love the simplicity of the flavor combinations that the chef and our beloved owner came up with in this dish, especially because the components have nowhere to hide under a heavy sauce or blanket of cheese.

Any guest can now walk into our establishment, be greeted by a rejuvenated member of our team, offered a glass of wine with options from all over the globe and enjoy something truly unique from the Osteria menu. Enjoy the drive-up appeal and ambiance, but do yourself a favor and let us take you to the next level.