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Southlake Style

On Tap:

Oct 16, 2013 09:50AM ● By Mike
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Lakefire Rye Pale Ale

Every Friday night during the summer, Lake Grapevine is strewn with boats and kayaks affording a breathtaking view of the fire-lit sky to onlookers. And nothing hits the spot like Lakefire, a refreshingly hoppy American rye pale ale, spicy with a slightly sweet maltiness balanced by a smooth hop finish and subtle fruit aroma. 5.2% ABV | 42 IBU 

Monarch Wheat

This is a classic and refreshing American wheat beer with a light body and a nice American hop aroma, perfect for when spring and summer roll around. The monarch butterfly comes through Grapevine mid-March, traveling north to anticipate the summer of the northern states. 4.1% ABV | 24 IBU

Sir William's English Brown Ale

This brown ale is based off of the traditional English style but carries a heartier malt profile. With a body similar to a porter, this beer is hopped with traditional English hops. Let's face it — when you've been mayor for almost 40 years, you deserve your own beer. This is a tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve the community. 5.0% ABV | 21 IBU

Nightwatch Dry Oatmeal Stout

A blend of oatmeal and roasted barley at just the right temperature gives the Nightwatch its full-bodied mouthfeel and creamy finish. Back in the day, the dependable night watchman would walk Grapevine’s Main Street, ensuring all was safe. Take it from us: The Nightwatch will never let you down. Hopped with American Centennial and Cascade hops, this beer is smooth and all about the finish. 6.3% ABV | 26 IBU