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Tailgating Tips from Kyle Clark

Oct 22, 2013 01:02PM ● By tina

Kyle Clark of Rusted Truck Ranch’s Guide to Tailgating


Go Charcoal: Your food will have better flavor cooking over live coals.

Think Disposable: The more stuff you can throw away, the better. Try disposable cutting boards.

Invest in a Quality Cooler: Remember to keep your meat on plenty of ice.

Feed ’Em Finger Foods: Eating something that works “on the go” is the best option. Chicken wings are one of my go-tos.



Kyle’s Chicken Wings Recipe 

Chicken Wings

1 package of chicken wings

Small bottle of regular Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

Baking powder

Rusted Truck Ranch Classic Cruiser or your favorite BBQ rub

Your favorite BBQ sauce


Place wings in large bowl and coat with ranch dressing.

Sprinkle a light coat of baking powder on all surfaces of the wing, and place in refrigerator the night before your event. (The baking powder helps make a crispy skin.)

Season wings with Rusted Truck Ranch Classic Cruiser or your favorite BBQ rub.

Cook over medium-high heat and flip wings regularly.

Wings are done when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Toss in your favorite BBQ sauce and serve.