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City Council Approves Garden District

Nov 20, 2013 11:37AM ● By Mike

The Residences: luxury condominiums from the developers of Southlake Town Square have been approved.

With opposition coming from city councilmembers and residents alike at a past Sept. 3 city council meeting, Southlake Town Square developers Cooper and Stebbins went back and amended their original plans for The Garden District at Southlake Town Square, an upscale residential district comprised of luxury brownstones and condominiums. After a Nov. 19 city council meeting that ended well after midnight, the Garden District was approved, but not before a lengthy public commenting period where supporters and those in opposition were heard.

The now-approved plans call for 33 new brownstone homes ranging in size from 2,700 to more than 5,000 square feet. Yet, the most opposition centered around The Residences — a proposed five-story residential building with 38 condominium homes to be located in the lot west of Central Ave. between Café Express and Harkins Theatres. A main concern: The two- and three-bedroom units, which range in size from 1,500 to 3,200 square feet and cost upwards of $500,000, could present an unwanted opportunity for leasing in the heart of Southlake’s downtown district. After listening to concerns, Cooper and Stebbins increased their proposed presale requirements to break ground from 25 to 50 percent, ensuring all parties that the project would remain a “condominium-for-sale” concept.

“We’re pleased with the outcome — it’s an important decision for Southlake Town Square,” said Director of Residential Development for Cooper and Stebbins Larry Corson. “And we’re pleased with the amount of care we saw from the community and city council.” With the approval, Cooper and Stebbins will now focus on land development activities set to commence in the spring of 2014, which will include grading the land, street development, aesthetic landscaping to the north of the current brownstones and the addition of more than two acres of green space and trails around the new Oval Park.