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Luxury Review - Samsung French-Door Smart Fridge

Nov 21, 2013 10:39AM ● By tina

Gone are the days when all you wished for was an ice-maker that worked. Today’s refrigerators come loaded with features, but few come close to the offerings of Samsung’s smart fridge. While we can’t say enough about the design of the fridge, it’s the high-tech features that blow us away. 

The Wi-Fi enabled fridge features a touch-screen loaded with easy-to-use apps. On the practical side, the notes, weather, Google calendar and AP News apps will keep you organized and prepared. The fridge can even track what groceries you need to pick up at the store. Browse Epicurious recipes if you’re not sure what to whip up for dinner. Entertaining in the kitchen? Load your Google Picasa page with photos and pick your favorite Pandora station, and you’ll have your fave pics on view while music sets the tone.

With a handy French-door design and 28 cubic square feet of storage, the Samsung fridge makes it easy to put away a big grocery store haul — and to access them later. (The doors come equipped with — count ’em! — four gallon-size bins.)  A counter-height FlexZone drawer with customizable compartments promises to up the convenience factor — each compartment even has its own temperature setting — and allows little ones to get to their favorite snacks without a stepstool. And when it comes to temperature control, the Samsung smart fridge offers a twin-cooling system, so the refrigerator and freezer are cooled separately, reducing humidity in the freezer air (less freezer burn) and increasing the humidity in the fridge air (longer-lasting fresh veggies for everybody). With surround airflow, cool-tight doors and a two-minute door alarm, your food will be kept fresh far longer than you might expect. 

Don’t worry about having to chip away at a two-pound bag of ice for your next party. The Samsung offers superior ice production and extra ice storage so you’ll never run out. The ice is dispensed along with premium filtered (and extra cool) water to help you through the summer months.

The Samsung smart fridge does a lot more than keep things cold — though it does that quite well — and we’re sure once you have one in your own kitchen, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. 



28 cu. sq. ft., storage

8" LCD screen with Apps

FlexZone Drawer with Temperature Control and SmartDivider

Twin Cooling Plus System and Surround Air Flow