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Southlake Feels the Chill of North Texas Arctic Freeze

Dec 09, 2013 04:13PM ● By Anonymous

By Christina Mlynski

As residents throughout Dallas-Fort Worth raided grocery stores to stock up on essentials to make it through Icemageddon 2013, school districts and city events were frozen due to rough weather conditions. 

Carroll Independent School District shut its doors Friday, Dec. 6 and also Monday, Dec. 9 due to inclement weather and poor road conditions. Additionally, all after-school events were cancelled.

While city highways and roadways were beginning clear this morning, ice remained in patches on major arterials and in sheets on neighborhood roads and parking lots, explains City of Southlake website.

Southlake drivers were urged to use caution Monday morning as the City of Southlake office got a late start, opening at 10 a.m., while other Tarrant County offices were scheduled to open at noon. No further developments about Tuesday’s official openings have been made.

Dan Henry, chief meteorologist at Fox 4 Dallas, states that Monday would consist of a light freeze with a low around 30 to 31 degrees. Consequently, freezing fog and drizzle overnight created another glaze of ice on the roadways.

“It’s been a pretty ugly few days,” Henry tweeted. “[Weather in the] 50s by the end of the week will feel like a heat wave!”

Tuesday is estimated to reach a high of 42 degrees and a low of 28 degrees but is not slated for any type of precipitation.

Overall, roads are in much better shape than a couple days ago.

“Tomorrow should be our first good day of melting, with temperatures rising to near forties during the afternoon and the first good dose of sunshine we have seen in several days,” Henry says. “I suspect by Wednesday afternoon, we should melt just about all the remaining sleet and ice.”

In the event that Southlake has to face Winter Storm Cleon Tuesday, Carroll ISD is already planning out proper procedures.

While Carroll has not made an immediate decision as to the status of school opening and closings, assistant superintendent for board and community relations Julie Thannum stated that multiple factors go into making such a decision. 

For instance, the fluctuation of weather throughout the evening and morning will remain a critical factor to the road conditions. Additionally, access to schools, including parent pickup and drop-off as well as parking lot accessibility, is another major factor.

Communication and connectivity are major components in dealing with inclement weather. Consequently, Carroll ISD gained more than 600 followers on Twitter as a result of the North Texas arctic freeze, Thannum points out.

“Surprisingly enough, bad weather decisions are the toughest things to make,” she says. “You have the responsibility and safety of the staff, students and faculty to consider, which makes the decision to close down the district that much harder.”