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Happy Feet Means Healthier Life

Dec 18, 2013 01:48PM ● By Anonymous

As the holiday shopping spree begins to wind down, take a load off at J’s Happy Feet. The reflexology specialists use ancient Oriental techniques of healing methodology to provide a balance of mind, heart and spirit.

The key to living a healthy life is striking the perfect balance between external health — such as working out regularly and eating right — coupled with internal health, which focuses on reducing daily stresses. The best way to find spiritual resolution is through pressure points. The specialists identify specific areas within your feet that trigger other specific areas of your body, such as the back, liver and shoulders. 

J’s Happy Feet specializes in reducing nervousness, circulation problems as well as sinus and constipation issues. Various therapeutic items are used with the foot reflexology method to deactivate these trouble spots. Currently, J’s Happy Feet offers advanced forms of plantar fasciitis therapy that is unmatched by others. 

Besides Asian reflexology, J’s Happy Feet offers acupressure and therapeutic massages to provide a specialized combination of techniques to handle specific problems. These methods target the meridian line, which carry energy throughout the body, in turn, stimulating proper organ function by restoring overall health. For more information, visit