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Luxury Review - Sauna Room Kit

Dec 30, 2013 03:59PM ● By Anonymous

Make every day a spa day with an at-home sauna like this jewel by Laatu. With home delivery and easy installation, you’re just a click away from having a relaxation room to call your own at home.

Think at-home saunas are only found in mansions and spas? Even high-quality manufacturer Laatu offers less expensive and smaller versions of the roomy three-to-four person beauty shown here. Built of western red cedar wood, it offers a touch of charm and old-school health wisdom alongside its high-tech improvements.

This edition comes with both traditional steam and more advanced infrared heating options. You can enjoy the traditional steam sauna by pouring water on the heating unit, while still enjoying the ease of digital temperature controls as well as digital thermometer and hygrometer. Those who prefer the air dryer and cooler will love the infrared offerings. This technology delivers heat deep into tissue, producing detoxifying sweat at a lower temperature. With infrared technology, the physical and mental therapy of a sauna session doesn’t have to mean stepping into the equivalent of a steam bath.

The very real benefits of sauna therapy include detoxification, cardiovascular strengthening, immune system improvement, weight loss and relief from arthritis rheumatism and fibromyalgia. But our favorite part of 20 minutes in a heated room involves priceless quiet and relaxation.

With upper and lower benches along with available ergonomic backrests, the Laatu offers plenty of comfortable resting spots for those looking for a little me time. We love the finer touches of the Laatu units, like a tinted glass door, metal handles, pail and ladle and a 15-minute sand timer.

Laatu offers the only units in the industry to bear the UL logo, guaranteeing consistently safe sauna sessions for years to come. All Laatu units are hand built in Michigan using no glue. Installation promises to be a breeze, and with multiple sizes and offerings, we’re sure you’ll find a Laatu sauna to meet your needs.



60"D x 84"W x 84"H

Infrared Sauna for Three or Four People

Double Tier with Return Bench Arrangement.

Interior Exterior Lined with Western Red Cedar

SaunaLogic Infrared Sauna Control System for Constant Far-Infrared Emission

Pre-Wired, Low Wattage, Low Density, Carbon Fiber Heating Elements

Traditional Sauna Heater with Wall Mounted Digital Control

Spectra Light System compatible with the SaunaLogic Control Unit