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Local Flavor - Kokiitto Sushi

Jan 02, 2014 09:26AM ● By Anonymous

Get sushi made your way at Kokiitto.

Kokiitto Sushi offers make-your-own creations.

Taking up residence in the space once occupied by Italian eatery Pasta La Vista (did anyone really ever understand that name?), Kokiito Sushi officially opened its doors in Southlake’s Village Center two months ago and is already setting itself apart from other area sushi joints. In just four simple steps, you can create your own custom sushi roll that’s perfectly tailored to your palate: select a wrapper (whether it’s seaweed, soy paper or fruit and veggie wrappers like the carrot-ginger wrap or pineapple-habanero wrap); choose fillers (avocado, grilled onions, cucumber, cream cheese and more); select protein (cooked options like beef, chicken and shrimp or raw options like spicy tuna and spicy salmon); then add your favorite toppings and sauces (toppings range from chili powder to sesame seeds, and unique sauces include wasabi mayo and spicy dragon).

We set out for a late lunch at Kokiitto early last month, arriving just after 1 p.m. We were immediately greeted by friendly staff who asked if it was our first time at the restaurant (yes) and then described our choices for ordering. Although we were intrigued by the build-your-own concept, we decided to let the restaurant make the decision for us and selected miso soup, spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls from the menu before pouring ourselves glasses of orange spice tea (delicious!) and taking our seats. The décor at Kokiito immediately caught our eye — colorfully fun, decorative lanterns hung from the ceiling, and the architectural white chairs and barstools had a sort of funky, Art Deco feel to them. Our miso soup arrived quickly, served in a large brown cardboard bowl, and proved to be warm and satisfying. The sushi soon followed — also served in brown cardboard dishes — and although the rice-to-fish ratio was a bit off for us (too much rice and not enough fish), the rolls were appetizing, fresh and sizeable.

Affordable, fast and healthy, Kokiitto Sushi is definitely worth a try, if only for its sushi-your-way option. Also, the restaurant’s specialty sauces like chipotle mayo, creamy miso, spicy miso and sweet chili, you can’t find at other sushi restaurants in Southlake or the surrounding area. We recommend giving this sushi newbie a shot — it could become your new favorite place to savor this Japanese delicacy.