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Southlake Style

Taekwondo Grandmaster Ascends on Southlake

Jan 13, 2014 11:30AM ● By Anonymous
The leading Taekwondo school in Southlake Spicar's Martial Arts is stepping up its goal of providing the finest martial arts, self-defense and fitness training for residents by offering a unique opportunity for students to train with Grandmaster Sid Nelson.

Nelson is an 8th Degree Black Belt with more than 35 years of Taekwondo experience. The Grandmaster will visit the studio Monday through Wednesday, Jan. 13 through Jan. 15 to help students prepare for the upcoming Taekwondo America National Tournament. 

"This tournament is something like Taekwondo Olympics — it's huge," says Spicar's Martial Arts chief instructor Adam Spicar. "We expect over 900 competitors and over 5,000 people form all over the US to attend this 2-day event."

Grandmaster Nelson is renowned for his sparring and boxing prowess, and precision techniques in his forms. Interestingly enough, the Grandmaster is Adam and Lucie's original teacher. 

"He is like a second father to us, and it's an incredible opportunity for our students to get to train with him for full three days," Spicars says. 

Since 2008, Adam and Lucie have provided a traditional school that offers an Americanized approach to students, teaching students the highest levels of self-discipline, patience and respect. 

Even if Southlake residents aren't members of Spicar's Martial Arts, they are invited to come and meet Grandmaster Nelson as well as snag a few photos. 

In the martial arts community, it's a huge opportunity for a Grandmaster to come for a visit and shed light on his teaching styles. For the 230 students of Spicar's Martial Arts, Grandmaster's Nelson visit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.