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Westlake Academy Students Gain National Leadership Skills

Jan 14, 2014 02:37PM ● By Anonymous

Westlake Academy students and leaders gather together before they give a presentation to the Board of Trustees.

More than a handful of Westlake Academy tenth graders attended the International Leadership Symposium at American-British Academy in Muscat, Oman.

The six students were selected out of 37 Westlake Academy sophomore applicants through a blind application process, which included answering a prompt about this year’s theme: Water conservation and sanitation. 

The group joined others from Oman, China and Germany to develop leadership skills, experience other cultures and gain a new perspective about internationalism.

As a result, the Westlake Academy students are now on a mission to share the importance of water conservation by educating others about efforts that will make a difference in their community.

Westlake Academy student Gabi Swistara explains that attending the symposium allowed her gain awareness about the need to conserve water. Additionally, she learned the important roles water plays in everyday life, besides showering and drinking purposes. 

“If we are aware of the issues, we can work to prevent them in the future,” she says.

The Westlake Academy students also discovered many similarities between the Middle East and United States by learning about water conservation and sanitation.

For students, the symposium provided the opportunity for them to understand how severe water conservation issues are.

“I got to experience first hand all of the things Oman uses to conserve such a precious resource – from reduced water flushing, to water recycling plants,” says Westlake Academy sophomore Callie Sherrod. “This experience and the knowledge I gain there is very important and applicable to our community.”

As Texas continues to rapidly growth and battle harsh weather conditions, water conservation is becoming a pressing issue.

Consequently, the Westlake Academy students were able to take lessons and discover ideas in Oman that will help local communities preserve water.

“With all these things I learned, saw and experienced, I know have a responsibility to share them with the community,” Sherrod says. “I plan on modeling the things I learned myself, as well as trying to pass on these lessons to other people.”

The six Westlake Academy students are currently in the process of starting a club that is focuses on water conservation, cultural awareness and human rights.