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Central Market Serves Up Citrus Fest

Jan 17, 2014 10:05AM ● By Anonymous
As the flu continues to tackle North Texas, Vitamin C is a necessity. Luckily for us, peak season for citrus fruit is in full swing at Central Market. To honor all things plump and juicy, Central Market presents Citrus Fest, which will take place now through January 28th

Among the dozens and dozens of citrus fruit that will be available, ranging from pink lemons to Pommelos and Cara Caras, there are the must-try fruits of the season. 

While most have indulged in the tart, yet succulent grapefruit, it's rare to come across a cocktail grapefruit. This super-savvy fruit has the sweetness of a Mandarin, coupled with the flavors of a Pummelo. 

Sticking with the orange-family, Cara Cara Navels are pinked-fleshed with a hint of berry flavor. This fruit earned the nickname 'power orange' because of its exceptional levels of Vitamins A, C and the antioxidant lycopene.

Of course everyone loves a classic, which is why you must try the Heirloom Navel Oranges. These fruits are a nod to childhood and are grown using the same roots that made California citrus famous. 

While it's clear that the produce department will be stocked to the nines with citrus, be sure to venture to other departments -- almost every section has taken an opportunity to perk up its offerings. 

The grocery aisles are also made exclusively for Central Market glazes orange pound and lemon cooler cookies.