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Dough Re Mi

Jan 27, 2014 09:55AM ● By Anonymous

Febuary's Letter from the Editor

Whether from the comfort of your couch or all dressed up for date night, pizza is a regular and welcome part of life. In fact, for more than one-third of our followers enjoying Italy’s number one import is, at minimum, a weekly occurrence. So, in this month’s issue, we let you sing the praises of the area’s best pizza places. Through social media and our Style Guide e-newsletters, we offered fans and followers the opportunity to take our pizza polls. With your help, we whittled down a list of most every respectable pie purveyor this side of the suburbs into an in-depth look at what we all consider our slice of heaven.

This issue, will be hitting your coffee tables just as we turn our collective attention to the Super Bowl. And if you’re like 94 percent of Americans, then there’s a good chance a pizza will be within arm’s reach. (I’m predicting a 100-percent chance of seeing our fill of Papa John’s commercials.)

Bad and hopefully good commercials aside, we love our pizza, we love our football, and this month, we’re sharing the love with Dragon alum and Alabama kicker Cade Foster. During a gut-wrenching, last-second loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl this past November, Cade and the Crimson Tide saw their dreams of another BCS National Championship literally and figuratively fall short. Many in the public blamed Cade’s missed attempts for the team’s downfall and took to social media to let their feelings be known. Dreams of a national championship quickly gave way to a nightmare of national intrigue as threats on his life became so prevalent he had to shut down his Twitter account.

Having the pleasure of knowing Cade and his family from his years of Dragon pride, we felt it fitting to follow through and tell the entire story from his vantage point. An upstanding young man who comes from a great family and incredible schools, we fully expect Cade Foster to have continued success in football or whatever he tees up next.